Barry’s Bootcamp is Coming to Boston

The celebrity loved group fitness program will open a Boston location this year.

If you’ve ever seen any of the 100 Kardashian television shows (you know you have) then you’ve seen Barry’s Bootcamp. The celebrity loved group fitness program can also count Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, and Jake Gyllenhaal as fans. The self proclaimed “Best Workout in the World” combines intense cardio with strength training for a total body workout. It started in Los Angeles, and then opened locations in New York City, Nashville, and most recently, London. (There is also a location in Norway.)

The classes are high energy and have a “party” feel with nightclub music (and lighting). It is called “bootcamp” and the instructors are known to push you to the next level, but they do so without embarrassment or pretending to be a drill sergent. According to their website, the instructors also are the “city’s most qualified trainers who happen to look like movie stars.” Whether or not this kind of annoying marketing will work with the Boston audience remains to be seen. We don’t think of Boston as the kind of city that cares about (or wants) a size zero supermodel telling us how easy it is to be fit. Although, on the flip side, with complete gender bias, having some hunky eye candy with a six pack to watch might not be so bad.

We are still waiting on information from Barry’s since this whole thing seems to be really hush hush. We found out because we discovered their recently created Boston Facebook page (which has zero information). After some investigating, this is what we know:

Rumors are circulating that they are looking at a Downtown Crossing location, which would be great for the whole renaissance that is happening there, and they are hoping for an early summer opening. At the Chelsea location in NYC, they offer close to 12 classes a day, which is pretty amazing, and a 10 class card will cost you $285.

We will report more info as soon as we have it, but for now this is exciting news. Barry’s Bootcamp will certainly stand out amongst the sea of yoga studios and luxury gyms downtown.