Leather Yoga Pants are the Latest Trend

Lululemon is offering leather yoga pants. April Fools!

Cowabunga yoga pants definitely aren't too sheer. (Photo via Lululemon Athletica)

Cowabunga yoga pants definitely aren’t too sheer. (Photo via Lululemon Athletica)

With countless sites out there taking advantage of April Fool’s Day, what starts as a day of fun can end up making you never want to touch your computer again. We’ve found one company, however, that played their joke right.

In the wake of the recall of Lululemon’s black luon women’s yoga pants because they were too sheer, the brand has embraced the scandal to poke fun at themselves this April Fool’s Day. Advertising a new line of “Lululeather” products, the popular athletic company created a fake line to support locally sourced food. “Both items were created with locally sourced leather that came from cows within a 100KM radius from our store,” the website insists.

Who wouldn’t want to wait a year for their $248 “Cowabunga Yoga Pants,” made from Gordon Young (yes, you get to meet the cow you’re wearing) to break in? But don’t worry, these Lululemon yoga pants are 100 percent non-sheer. We still can’t imagine that downward dog, though.

And don’t forget your “Moomat,” a full-grain leather mat made from Duke, a Happy Field cow. Boasted on the website as “the last yoga mat you will ever need,” we’d bet that after one use, you’d never want to touch the thing again, no matter how strong it is. Also, vegans, we know it is hard to not be offended by this.

Don’t worry, the brand hasn’t gone crazy and isn’t making leather workout gear. All items were listed as sold out once they were put up, and clicking on any of the images led to an April Fool’s Day seal of approval. Even though we didn’t fall for the trick, we’re more scared about the women who lingered on the page and actually considered purchasing these. You know who you are. Leaving Lululemon fanatics with a punchy tagline, the website reads, “Did you know that ‘ommmm’ backwards spells ‘mooooooo’?”


The “Moomat” comes with a lifetime warranty. (Photo via Lululemon Athletica)