Work Out Like: Miss United States

This beauty queen can bench press more than you.

Whitney Miller

Whitney Miller in scorpion pose. Photo by Inkwell Photography

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Miss United States…we all know the song from Miss Congeniality, right? But that movie made beauty pageant contestants seem like pampered princesses. The reigning Miss United States, Whitney Miller, might have beauty and grace, but the certified kettlebell trainer does swings, jerks, cleans, and snatches with 25 and 35 pound kettlebells. And if you think that’s easy, you’ve never used a kettlebell properly.

The Texas native is in town shooting ads for “Strong is Sexy”, the new ad campaign out of Somerville-based gym Rx Strength Training, and she is serious about fitness. When she gives up her crown she aspires to be the “next Jillian Michaels.”

So why did she want to get involved with a gym here in Somerville? The “Strong is Sexy” campaign really spoke to her, she says, because it’s not easy to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. “To me its all about dedication and hard work. Being a strong woman is sexy because it is not easy,” Miller says. “It is something you have to work for and plan for. You have to stay focused on it. When you see a strong, fit individual you know that they’re hard working.”

So how do you train like a beauty queen? Lots of hard work and dedication. Here is her weekly routine. Attempt it (if you dare):

Cardio: “I really enjoy doing tabata workouts. At least twice a week, on the treadmill. Sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and then I do that for 10 cycles.”

Weights: “I do kettlebells two to three times a week. I do swings, clean and press, jerks, and snatches with 25 to 35 pound kettlebells.”

Additional training:  “I also train Brazilian jiu-jitsu once a week, and I love battle ropes. Battle ropes and I are best friends. I also run a lot and have been running my entire life.”

Whitney doing a pull-up. Photo by EAS Photography.

Whitney doing a pull-up. Photo by EAS Photography.

Rx Strength Training in Somerville. Photo provided.

Rx Strength Training in Somerville. Photo provided.