Boston Marathon Q&A: Will DiTullio

Local runners get ready for the big day.

This post is part of our Boston Marathon Q&A, where we ask local runners about their journey from the streets of Boston to the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. 

Will DiTullio

Will DiTullio at last year’s Boston Marathon. Photo provided.

Name: Will DiTullio
Age: 32
Residence: Charlestown, MA

What did your training regimen look like?
My training regime was pretty “cookie cutter.” My shorter runs were on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (varying from three to 10 miles) and my long runs were on Saturday mornings (varying from six to 20 miles). I ran the Boston Marathon course five times during my training because, in my opinion, nothing can replicate the Newton Hills. I also mixed in a decent amount of weight and core training.

What was the hardest part of training?
My wife and I had our first child at the end of December, so leaving them behind for long periods of time was not easy, and running during the poor winter weather was also a challenge.

What’s your favorite pre-race (night before) meal?
I would have to say that my favorite pre-race meal would be a piece of fish, vegetables, and some sort of potato or rice.

What is your favorite post-race meal?
Some form of an Italian meal, either veal or gnocchi.

How will you stay motivated during the course?
I will think of the people in my life that mean the most to me and know that they are waiting for me at the finish line.

Why do you run the Boston Marathon?
I run the Boston Marathon for two reasons. The first reason is to prove to myself that I can set a difficult goal and achieve that goal with hard work and determination. The second reason is for my mother. My mother passed away unexpectedly in 2009 due to complications caused by her type 1 diabetes. I feel when I am on a long run she is there with me.

Do you have any racing superstitions?
I have two. First, I have to wear a glow-in-the-dark green bracelet that says “WWBD” (What Would Bev Do?) in honor of my mom. [It] was given to me just after her passing. Second, I have to lay out my race clothes the night before.

What will you be doing the day after the Boston Marathon?
I will be getting a massage and taking the day off from work so that I can rest and recover.