Boston Marathon Q&A: Kennedy Elsey

Local runners get ready for the big day.

This post is part of our Boston Marathon Q&A, where we ask local runners about their journey from the streets of Boston to the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. 

Kennedy Elsey

Kennedy Elsey, center. Photo provided.

Name: Kennedy Elsey
Age: 42
Residence: South Boston, MA

Why are you running the Boston marathon?
I ran for the first time last year (to prove something after one of “those” birthdays) and the weather was so hot I had to walk a good portion. I wanted to do it again to prove I could finish under full steam. But in the big picture, I run for Boston Children’s Hospital. I met a set of twins named Sara and Emily Crowley at the annual Mix 104.1 [where she works as an on-air personality] Radiothon and they changed my life. They would not be here today calling me “Auntie Kennedy” were it not for Children’s and for that I will be eternally grateful.

What did your training regimen look like?
Were we supposed to train?  Crap. I’m kidding. I got a running coach this year, Cody Harter from Healthworks. He literally taught me to run again because I was doing it all wrong.

What was the hardest part of training?
Doing it.  Putting in the miles.

What’s your favorite pre-race (night before) meal? 
I really don’t eat that much. Probably some chicken and quinoa with veggies.

What is your favorite post-race meal?
Well, last year my meal was an IV bag followed up by small fries and a vanilla shake from Burger King. I’m hoping to get a Sam Adams 26.2 and a chocolate milk this year.

How will you stay motivated during the course?
The people along the course are without question the most motivating group of human beings in the world. The fact that half a million people line a street and cheer for strangers every year is something that makes me love this city. However, sometimes you hit slow areas; that’s when I listen to musicals. Don’t judge. But they pass the time. Last year we had Sunset Boulevard and Miss Saigon, this year it’s Phantom of the Opera and either Jersey Boys or Evita. And yes, I totally sing along.

Do you have any racing superstitions?
Not really. This is only my second, so I really haven’t had time to build up a superstition.

What will you be doing the day after the Boston Marathon?
Well, I promised I’d be at work, so I’ll limp in, do the show, and limp out. Last year my co-hosts decorated the entire studio; it was amazing. And I’ll be wearing that medal for a week.