Fitness Studios Offering Special Classes

Studios and instructors around the city have altered their classes to help the healing process.

Fitness class

Fitness classes can help with healing. Photo via Shutterstock

When coping with a tragedy, getting to the gym kind of falls off the radar for many of us. But since exercise (not to mention sticking to a routine) can be a valuable healing tool, hitting the mat, bike, or pavement has never been more important. In recognition of that, many fitness instructors around the city have tailored their classes to act as tributes, fundraisers, and opportunities to heal. From yoga to cycling to Pilates, here are some we found:

Recycle Studio

For all of this week, each playlist at Recycle’s classes will be tailored to support Boston and spread positive energy, says the studio’s owner Cate Brinch. Recycle‘s taken to ending its tweets with #positivespin, and Brinch says the atmosphere of the classes reflect the same idea. “The little bit that we can do, our part in this, is to not allow the bad to [out]shine the good,” Brinch says. Recycle will also be hosting a charity cycling event (a date hasn’t been picked yet, so stay tuned) to benefit the victims.

Back Bay Yoga

Owner Lynne Begier says the studio has been focusing on allowing students to slow down and develop tranquility by adding more meditation time and more ohms to each class. “Just really encouraging people to breathe and open the body and sweat and just slow down so that their nervous systems can catch up to what happened,” she explains.

Jennifer Phelan Pilates

Jennifer Phelan will be using Saturday the 27th’s Pilates Bootcamp class at Faneuil Hall as a tribute and fundraiser for Marathon victims. Though the class is free, Phelan is encouraging students to donate, with 100 percent of the money raised going to the One Fund. Phelan says she’s also been adhering to a “quiet but strong, reflective but determined” mood in classes. “Our bodies need just as much love as our minds,” she says. “Movement and breath equal life.”

Health Yoga Life

The studio offered free classes the day after the attacks, and co-owner Vyda Bielkus says upcoming HYL classes will feature more time for reflective poses like child’s pose. In addition, Bielkus stresses that anyone who needs an outlet can reach out to the studio’s life coaches by email or phone for a complimentary session. “Letting people share their story will also contribute to the healing,” she says.

Sadhana Yoga

Owner Glen Cunningham says the studio’s classes will be emphasizing meditation and quiet reflection, and says he will be breaking his 90-minute classes into about an hour of traditional yoga practice and a half hour of breathing techniques and relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga Boston

On Thursday 4/25 at 7 p.m., Kundalini Yoga will hold a meditation and Kirtan (live mantra music) fundraiser with proceeds benefitting the One Fund.

North End Yoga

North End Yoga is planning a charity class, with details to come. Keep an eye on their website to find out more.


Prana Power Yoga

On Saturday 4/27, Prana will host a two-hour benefit class with 100 percent of the $35 the studio is charging benefitting the One Fund.

Know of any more? Tell us in the comments and be added to the list!