Area Hospitals Open Amid Lockdown, No Patient Discharges

Emergency rooms remain open but outpatient appointments are canceled at most area hospitals.

Boston hospitals are open and operating during the lockdown, but they encouraging non-patients and non-emergencies to stay home.

Boston Medical Center issued a statement that the hospital is fully staffed and inpatient care remains uninterrupted. According to the press release:

But, inpatients are not being discharged from the hospital until further notice. The emergency department is open. Outpatient appointments for today, Friday, April 19, have been cancelled. The hospital is operating under controlled access; anyone entering the facility is being screened. We appreciate families’ and patients’ patience as we manage this evolving situation.

Brigham and Women’s hospital posted to their Facebook page that they are operating as normal as possible:

Please know that Brigham and Women’s Hospital and our ambulatory clinics are caring for patients and are secure. BWH encourages everyone to abide by the request of the governor and shelter in place at this time. Staff and patients who choose to leave, do so as an individual decision, but it is not recommended. Employees with ID, patients with scheduled appointments, and visitors with identification are being allowed into the hospital. We continue to advise patients and staff to remain in their current locations, as the governor has directed, for their own safety.

Massachusetts General Hospital canceled outpatient appointments and is creating makeshift sleeping arraignments for patients and families. Here is part of their statement on Facebook:

If you are at home now, please follow the directive to stay home. Please remember, there are no specific threats to the MGH. Access to the MGH has been restricted to the Main (White) Entrance. Only staff with an MGH ID are allowed to enter the hospital at this time.  Patients who are ready for discharge are advised to remain at the hospital. Many have already been taken to Tea Leaves and Coffee Beans on the ground floor of the Wang Building. That area has filled quickly, and the Blum Center has been set up as a second site and is now receiving patients and families. We will set up a third site if needed. All outpatient appointments on the main campus that had been scheduled for any time after noon today have been canceled. Ambulatory staff who are currently at the hospital are requested to remain on site. All MGH community health care centers are closed. MassGeneral West is closed. Chelsea Urgent Care is open. The MassGeneral/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care is open.

We will continue to update as we get new information.