State Launches Marathon Resources Guide

The Dept. of Public Health hopes to connect people affected by the bombings with the resources they need.

Photo via Regina Mogilevskaya

Photo by Regina Mogilevskaya

In the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services recently launched a new webpage called the Health and Human Services Marathon Recovery Resources Index, which aims to help connect families and individuals affected by the tragic events with advocacy, stakeholders, and internal government groups that can provide support and assistance. The page offers a comprehensive list of services and information, like where to find counseling and support groups, but it also provides information for the things that many of us haven’t really thought about yet.

For example, the victims of the tragedy who have lost limbs or sustained injuries that will affect their daily routines for the rest of their lives will need more than prosthetics and money to pay medical bills. They will need to make modifications to their homes and vehicles. The cost of adding wheelchair ramps to your home or adding a lift to your car is high. For the home alone, making those kinds of modifications involves contractors and architects, not to mention construction supplies and labor. The page offers information about how to make claims, and how to proceed with getting the money that those affected need.

To help, you can donate to the One Fund Boston, which is the main way that these victims can get the help that they need.