George Forman III Opening Luxury Boxing Gym in Fort Point

The luxury gym won't have real fights, but it will have 'boxing yoga'.

Boxing ring photo via Shutterstock

Boxing ring photo via Shutterstock

George Forman is now well-known for his lean, mean, grilling machines, but he is also a former two-time heavy weight champion who has 12 children, five of them sons, and all are named George. One of his sons, George Forman III, nicknamed “Monk” lives in Boston, and is trying to open up a luxury boxing-themed gym in the ever expanding Fort Point neighborhood, specifically in the Midtown Studios building near the Channel Center.

Forman describes his new concept to the Herald as “urban ghetto meets a luxury airplane hanger”. What the heck does that mean? According to Forman, he’s not looking for “boxers” he wants “fighters” and the club won’t host boxing matches. The Herald describes the concept:

The club will include boxing rings, classes with working titles such as “fighter’s core” and “boxing yoga,” a cafe and store. It will focus on everything a boxer needs to train for a fight — from fitness to nutrition to clothes, according to Foreman, who said most boxing gyms don’t cover a boxer’s regimen when they’re not punching the bag.

So basically it will be like the Equinox or Sports Club/LA of boxing gyms, and not an authentic boxing gym (one of which we profiled this week). But Forman is not just a boxer’s son, he’s also a professional boxer with a 16-0 record who last fought this past winter. He’s trained as a pro boxer so he knows what goes into a typical boxer’s regime and will try to offer that to his members. He tells the Herald:

“[Other boxing gyms] leave out the lifestyle component — eating correctly and just taking care of your body,” he said, noting his father’s training regimen for him included keeping track of his son’s diet, sleeping habits and love life — and pampering.

Pending city approval, Forman plans to open his gym this fall.