How to Drop the Winter Weight

You can't put it off any longer, spring is finally here.

Running outdoors photo via Shutterstock

Running outdoors photo via Shutterstock


If you’re like us (and in this case, hopefully you aren’t) you still haven’t converted your winter closet to spring. We have a ton of excuses as to why we’re putting it off (we are so busy, of course), but unfortunately, we can’t get away with hiding under the winter layers anymore because it’s starting to feel more like summer every day. It’s time to enjoy the sunshine so we asked Patrick Allen, a trainer and nutritionist at Equinox Boston how to banish the winter layers for good.

Lift weights: “Lifting weights will maintain healthy lean muscle and keep [muscles] toned. If aesthetics are what you are looking for then losing body fat will mean nothing without lean muscle to show. Ladies, don’t worry about bulking up because females lack the testosterone to build muscle like males. Another great benefit with weight training is an increase in your metabolism which will help you maintain your body fat loss,” Allen says.

Try interval training: “Performing total body circuits and interval training will help keep your heart rate up and therefore burn more calories. Not only are you burning calories while you do circuits, you will also create an elevated ‘after burn’ effect, meaning you continue to burn more calories for a longer period of time after your workout,” he says.

Bring your snacks with you: “Instead of wandering to the vending machine have some fruit or veggies. Having fruits and veggies prepared and with you at work will be an much healthier and calorie saving snack,” Allen says. “Try some berries or a cut up medley on red, orange, and yellow bell peppers.”

Get outside: It will be sunny and warm outside, so go out and enjoy it with some active activities. Go on hikes, ride your bike or walk instead of driving, do some gardening or other yard work. Anything to get you up and moving will be beneficial,” Allen says.

Earn your carbs: “This may be the toughest one to adhere to but it is the most important. If you are like me and love your carbs, set it as a reward after a good hard work out,” he says. “Your body will be craving these carbs after you work hard so your body will use the carbs for fuel rather than storing it as fat. Always go for the whole grain carbs such as whole grain breads, steal cut oats, and quinoa.”

Keep your exercise routine: “[If you’ve] worked hard leading up to the summer to get the looks you want, so don’t lose it. Continue to keep an exercise routine during the summer so you don’t lose and of the gains you have made. This doesn’t have to be at the gym, you can choose outdoor workouts such as running or biking, but make sure you stay active,” he says.

Enjoy the summer: We just endured another winter and ready for it to be done,” Allen says. “Get out there, unwind, hit the beach, have cookouts with friends and family, and most important enjoy it and have fun.”