Running from L.A. to Boston for the One Fund

Three UK runners organized a nationwide relay for Boston, and anyone can join in.

One Run For Boston

The relay’s route. Photo via Facebook

Perhaps the only silver lining of the tragic Boston Marathon attacks was the outpouring of support our city received in the days and weeks following. Now, more than a month later, that good will hasn’t stopped—and it’s coming from as far away as Europe.

Organized by three runners in the United Kingdom, One Run For Boston is a mega-relay through which more than 1,000 runners will run from L.A. to Boston (insert Forrest Gump joke here), raising money for the One Fund every step of the way. The race, which calls itself “the first ever non-stop running relay across America,” has divided the 3,000-mile, 14-state route into 300 stages, and those interested in participating can simply go to the website, select a stage, and jump in at the pre-determined time and location. Some stages are for individuals, others for groups, but all of them come with an entry fee that will be donated to the One Fund. If you’re not much of a runner, you can follow the proceedings on the website’s live tracker and donate to the fund from the comfort of your couch, too.

And while it’s heartwarming that people as far away as the UK are thinking of Boston, there are still plenty of support efforts going on at home. In addition to the ubiquitous “Boston Strong” t-shirts, bumper stickers, and sweatshirts, Massachusetts-based Converse has come out with a Boston-themed shoe that will be sold exclusively in the Back Bay, with proceeds going to the One Fund. Plus, on May 25, the #onerun will give those who weren’t able to finish the race the chance to run the last mile of the course, with other runners encouraged to come and cheer them on. That, combined with the news that the Boston Athletic Association will allow the thousands of runners who weren’t able to finish because of the bombings to register again next year, shows just how much this city and country is still rallying together in support.

To register for the One Run for Boston go to Stages begin 6/7 in California, $50 for an individual stage and $25 for a group stage.