Boston College Rugby

This sport requires both strength and endurance. Games consist of two 40-minute halves with no time-outs—players run as many as seven miles per match at high intensity—so it’s critical that the team is in peak physical shape. “You don’t have to be big and muscly to play,” says assistant coach Tony Dow, who oversees the strength and conditioning regimen for BC’s team, which is ranked 13th in the nation. “There are different positions for different types of people.”


“Rugby is more about reading the game than it is about being the biggest guy.”


Gear Up
All you need is a mouth guard, a pair of stubbies, and some long socks (and bring your own gallon of water).


Power Drill
Doing high reps with medium-weight dumbbells maximizes thrust.



Charles River Rugby Football Club

$260 for an annual membership ($155 per season),

Players don’t wear helmets or padding; according to their website, they just “beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer.”

Mystic River Rugby Club

$25–$75 per season,

Practice is held in Malden on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Competitions are in Greater New England.


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