Route 9 Health Revival

Two luxury gyms, two high-end yoga apparel stores, a low-cal restaurant, and more.

The Chestnut Hill mall is getting a healthy makeover. (Photo provided.)

Route 9 is getting a healthy makeover. (Photo provided.)

If you’ve been to Chestnut Hill lately you may have noticed The Street (seriously how could you not.) The complex is part of a Route 9 revival of sorts. Development has turned the area into an outdoor shopping mall. But was struck us was all the new healthy offerings (and no, Shake Shack doesn’t count.) In addition to a blow dry bar (fun!) there are two luxury gyms, two upscale active wear stores (one will be in the mall just down the road) and a variety of other healthy options. Here is what is happening now:

The Sports Club/LA opened in March, bringing its “jewel box” concept to Route 9. It features an indoor cycling studio with a  panoramic screen that projects scenic locations from around the world.

Equinox is opening a location there this fall which will house their first ever barre studio.

Lululemon Athletica is open and brings their signature super-popular and super-expensive (and hopefully not see-through) yoga wear to Route 9.

Lucy Activewear will be opening inside the mall on the lower level next to Bloomingdale’s this summer. They are hoping for a July 19th opening weekend.

Seasons 52 is opening in the fall. We are totally biased because it is one of our favorite chain restaurants of all time. Every dish is less than 475 calories and the kitchen does not use (or even have on site) any butter. Ingredients are locally sourced and sometimes organic when possible.

City Sports has been a long time tenant and will continue to offer their huge selection of footwear and apparel.

What did we miss? Have you noticed any other healthy offerings on Route 9?