The Guys Running From D.C. to Boston are in Philly

Less than 48 hours after starting, the runners are already in Philadelphia.


Nelson and Fumich’s route. Map via Google Maps

Update: At 7:05 a.m. on Friday morning, Fumich and Nelson were in New Haven, Conn. and look to be in good shape to make their finishing goal of tomorrow at noon. If you want to support them, they invite anyone who is interested to meet by the Boston Marathon 24 mile marker at the Coolidge Corner Theatre at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow to run the last two miles together.

Last week, we reported on the amazing (and insane) 450-mile super marathon that two elite athletes, Matt Nelson and Frank Fumich, will run to support Boston Marathon bombing victims. The two departed Washington, D.C. early yesterday morning and plan to alternate marathons until they’ve run all the way to the Boston Marathon finish line, with a target end time of Saturday at noon.

Since we’re fascinated—and seriously impressed—by this feat, we checked up on Fumich and Nelson’s progress on their website today. As of 1:30 this afternoon, they’re in Philadelphia, approximately 140 miles from their starting point, and going strong. (And apparently not too exhausted to live tweet their progress.) Even better, they’re in sight of their $78,600 fundraising goal, with $63,000 raised so far.

If you’re as interested in the run as we are, you can follow their progress via their live tracker or donate here. And show your support by meeting them at the finish line on Saturday—something tells us they might be a little tired by then.