Blueberry Facials For Summer

Freshen up your beauty routine by using a summer staple in a new way.


The health benefits of blueberries are endless. Blueberries image via Shutterstock.

You’ve probably heard of blueberries being called a “superfruit” because of their high concentrations of antioxidants. For those of you who aren’t up on your vitamin lingo, antioxidants are substances like vitamin C and E that help to remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents from your body. So, upping your levels of antioxidants is never a bad thing. In fact, research says that eating berries, especially blueberries and cranberries, provides more health benefits then eating other fruits.

There’s a long list of health benefits from eating blueberries. They can prevent early aging and cardiovascular disease, and the antioxidants in blueberries can improve your motor skills and eye sight. Recent research shows that eating blueberries can even help improve your memory. And you can get these health benefits from fresh or frozen blueberries. Now that it’s summer in New England, you can head out to a pick-your-own farm to grab your own blueberries straight off the plant. The bottom line? Blueberries are just good for you, and they should be a part of your diet.

Nicole Vitale, the senior director of The Spa at Equinox wanted to find a way to use blueberries externally to help tone the skin and reduce the appearance of inflammation, redness, and wrinkles. With the help of chemists, she developed a blueberry facial treatment that she says will help hydrate the skin. Vitale says that the vitamin C and E in blueberries keep the skin and hair healthy. The facial ($200; 50-minutes) will be unveiled in July, just in time for summer.