Classes We Love: RealRyder Cycling at Sweat and Soul Yoga

These bikes move side to side as if you are really turning.


RealRyder bikes are designed to move from side to side.  Photo courtesy of RealRyder.

If you like workouts that make use of every single muscle in your body—even muscles you didn’t know you had—then you will love the RealRyder cycling classes at Sweat and Soul Yoga, on Comm. Ave. in Brighton.

What it is:

RealRyder indoor cycling bikes make you feel like you’re anything but indoors. The bikes are stationary, yes, but that only means that they’re anchored to the floor. Unlike most stationary bikes, these bikes allow you to steer and lean from side to side, requiring you to use not only your arm and leg muscles but also your core to keep yourself balanced. Sweat and Soul is one of the few studios in Boston to use the bikes, and we’re glad they do because they take normal cycling workouts to a whole new level of difficulty.

“By incorporating tri-planar movement, dynamic balance, core stability and full body engagement, the rider on a RealRyder bike experiences an honest, all-body, functional, coordinated exercise experience,” says Colin Irving, a competitive cyclist and the inventor of RealRyder bikes. “The articulating indoor bike just makes sense — whether one is looking to make the exercise more fun, functional or safe for riders of all ages and fitness levels.”

The cycling classes at Sweat and Soul are 45 minutes long, and the studio holds 14 bikes. After all 14 riders are situated—the classes are almost always totally full—your spandex-clad instructor will turn off the lights in the studio, revealing black light decorations all over the room. From there, all you’ll hear for the next 45 minutes is the sound of his or her voice over the blasting rap, hip hop, and techno music.

Although each instructor runs his or her class differently, most of them include sets of endurance riding, sprinting, hills, weights (for your arms), turns, and stretching in their classes, all timed to great music (we heard that last week there was a Britney Spears themed class—yes please!). You’ll probably be sweating profusely by the end of the class, and your legs will be sore the next day.

Know before you go:

Because the classes are small, you’ll need to sign up at least a few days in advance on Sweat and Soul’s website. The good news is that the studio usually offers three classes per day, and you can put yourself on the waitlist if the class you want to take is full.


The studio is dimly lit and small, but that makes the classes feel more intense—and more sweaty! Photo provided.

The vibe:

The Sweat and Soul Yoga studio is like the 20-something little sister of Back Bay Yoga. Located along Comm. Ave. near Boston University, the classes seem to attract a mostly college and young professional crowd. Unlike the yoga classes, the cycling classes are usually made up of equal parts men and women. The general mood of the studio is upbeat and hardcore without being too intimidating.

The cost:

The first time you sign up and attend a class, you’ll get to attend two classes for $20. After that, you’ll pay a $15 drop-in fee for each class unless you purchase one of their special packages, like five classes for $50 that you have to use in a month.

What to bring:

Some of the people in your class will inevitability be wearing cycle shoes, but you can just bring your regular shoes if you don’t have any. You’ll also want a giant water bottle and a towel for sweat.

The bottom line:

We’re officially obsessed with these RealRyder bikes. The 45-minute class flew by, and we were drenched in sweat when we left. We love that our arms, shoulders, abs, and legs were sore the next day, and the playlist that we followed while peddling was just right. Plus, when the mic broke in the middle of class, our instructor was unfazed. She spent the rest of the class shouting at the top of her lungs. We appreciate the dedication.

Sweat and Soul Yoga, 1032A Commonwealth Ave., 2nd Floor. Boston, MA 02215