Heat Wave Fitness Offers

Some area gyms and studios are trying to help you work out safely in the heat.

Hydration is key. Post-outdoor workout photo via shutterstock

Hydration is key. Post-outdoor workout photo via shutterstock

It’s just too hot to work out outside this week. So a couple of area gyms are offering special deals to beat the heat. (Love saying “beat the heat” even in this context, right Celtics fans?)

Boston Sports Clubs (BSC) is encouraging residents to take their workout indoors. Starting Thursday and running through Saturday, August 31, all BSC locations (and NYC and Philly locations, too) will open their doors to the public for free workouts every time the temperature hits 90 degrees or above.

That’s right. Free use of BSC for non-members pretty much all summer if the temps go above 90. That is a great deal for non-members, and a not-so-great-deal for members who are already battling the crowds for a treadmill on most days. The good news is that the offer will not be valid during 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. which is peak after work time (in case you are new to the gym scene). Just say “heat wave promotion” at the front desk, and viola, you’re in.

“When the temperature reaches over 90 degrees, it is not safe for people to work up a sweat outside,” says Chris Ruta, VP of fitness at New York Sports Clubs in a press release. “We are opening our doors to allow people to enjoy the A/C and stay safe while working out in the summer heat.”

Also holding a heat wave promotion is The Handle Bar, a brand-new indoor cycling studio in Southie. When temps hit 90 or above, just show the front desk the weather on your phone and you get a $10 spin class for any of their midday classes during the week.

Have you heard of other fitness promotions to beat the heat? Let us know!