Running Love

This 5K wants you to 'flirt your way to the finish line'.

Looking for someone to go on sunset runs with? Running couple photo via Shutterstock.

Looking for someone to go on sunset runs with? Running couple photo via Shutterstock.

Boston has two scenes that seem to grow bigger every year: running and singles. So it only makes sense that the two would combine into one event. On Aug. 4th, you can, “run, walk or just flirt your way to the finish line” according to a press release from ethos, producer of the Boston Triathlon (which is also Aug. 4th). The LUV RUN is a non-competitive, untimed 5K run for singles and couples. The first ever event in Boston starts at 11 a.m. on Carson Beach and will then take place on a separate closed course alongside the Boston Triathlon.

Carson Beach is one of the most beautiful spots to run in Boston with an oceanfront view (and it’s off many people’s beaten paths, so it’s a lot less crowded then say, the Esplanade). You are welcome to run or walk because race officials want you to socialize along the way. “As we worked to put together the Boston Triathlon, we realized that there was an opportunity to bring together individuals who might be interested in a fun 5K, but weren’t interested in the training need to complete a triathlon,” says Michael O’Neil, founder of ethos.  “The LUV RUN is designed to appeal to a wide audience, folks that are interested in coming together to meet new people in a super-fun, no-pressure setting.”

Everyone’s welcome, no matter relationship status or athletic ability. Sort of like filling out your Facebook page, runners will be assigned a color-coded bib according to your relationship status (available, hooked up, or LGBT), so that other partipants will know who to check out in their running clothes. The race will have a staggered start time, based on the bibs so that you’re running with the group you want to meet people in. There will be post-race food, drinks, and entertainment to get to know each other better.

“Today, events don’t always have to be all about endurance and athletic competition. It is more about the total experience, bringing people who enjoy being active and who want to have some fun together,” O’Neil says.“There is incredible demand for themed events that combine an active challenge with the social aspects of having fun with like-minded people. The LUV RUN continues this trend combining the fun of themed running with the opportunity to meet people who enjoy similar activities. We see a great demand for this event.”

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