Swing into High Gear: Golf Tips from Four Boston Experts

Elevate your game with these tips from four local golf experts.


Golf Photo via Thinkstock

Focus on the Core

“[Practicing] Pilates can add 50 yards to your drive,” says Lisa Johnson, who owns Modern Pilates, in Brookline, and has been teaching golf Pilates for almost 15 years. Improving flexibility makes for a smoother and cleaner follow-through, increases your range of motion for greater accuracy, and strengthens the core to produce better balance and overall endurance, she adds.

Build a Foundation

“You can’t really produce a good golf swing without a good setup,” says Grace Schory, a PGA teaching pro at Boston’s CityGolf. What does that mean, exactly? Correct posture, with your feet a good width apart; the right hand position, in that you’re far enough away from the ball and your arms are at a natural distance from your body; and the ideal spine position and angle, Schory says.

Get Out of Your Head

“Don’t overthink your shots. Notice current sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. This helps counteract a tendency to replay the past or worry about the future,” says Eric Endlich, a Boston-based psychologist who works with athletes. “Learn to relax your body. Deep breathing is a good place to start, and spend time off the course doing ‘mental practice’: visualizing the outcomes you want, such as a new swing technique or how you would play a particular hole.”

Dress the Part

Moisture-wicking fabrics and clothing with UV protection have been standard for years, but there is now apparel on the market that incorporates stretch fabrics, allowing golfers a full range of motion, says Ken Wauchope, a buyer at City Sports. “The emerging trend will be fabrics that offer a cooling effect, actually lowering the body’s surface temperature by a few degrees.”