Boloco Shows You What They’re Made Of (Literally)

Go behind the food with their new web series.

The Mediterranean, no meat, add brown rice.

With 16 restaurants in Massachusetts, you probably know your favorite Boloco order by heart. Now, the local fast food company wants you to know where their food comes from. In a new video series called “Culinary Investigation Assignment,” which is Boloco’s internal version of the CIA, Cassidy Quinn, Boloco’s director of digital creative, is traveling the world interviewing the farmers and producers that make the food. She is learning about the production process from start to finish, and pinpointing the exact origins of your favorite order, then documenting it all on Boloco’s YouTube channel.

So far, the Boloco crew has traveled from rural America to Uruguay and back again. Quinn travels to Farmersville, Ill. to find the non-GMO corn used in tortilla chips; to Ayer, Mass. to examine the organic, non-GMO tofu; and, most recently, to Uruguay to learn about the grass-fed steak. (Not a bad job, eh?)

“Tracking down our ingredients and sharing what we learn with our guests seems like a no brainer. And I’m not going to lie, the trips are a lot of fun,” says Boloco CEO, John Pepper. “We always strive to interact 100 percent honestly, but there is always room for improvement. Culinary Investigation Assignment is one more way we can keep guests informed and show them we care about what’s inside the burritos we serve.”

Quinn says that the new web series is about being honest with customers and doing it for the world to see. “Through these conversations and videos, we ensure that our ingredients are coming from good people and places. If we find that something needs to be changed, we’ll make the change,” she says, “and we’ll do it publicly. So far, we’ve discovered that our ingredients have pretty amazing stories and people behind them.”

In addition to the videos showing their “CIA” investigations, Boloco’s YouTube channel also has videos of restaurant break-ins that are set to music, and pretty hilarious (and sad, of course).