Roundup: Bootcamp Classes

Try one of these local bootcamp classes and get back in shape as summer comes to a close.

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We all get tired of the gym sometimes, and bootcamp-style classes can be a great way to mix up your workout routine. Bootcamp classes are designed to build strength, endurance, and agility through the use of old-school military training techniques. The notoriously difficult classes, which are often a combination of strength training and aerobic elements, can include anything from martial arts moves, to calisthenics (pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and crunches), to sprint drills. Essentially, boot camp workouts are based on high intensity interval training. The classes are also usually focused on building a sense of camaraderie among participants, so while you’ll get a great workout, you may also come away with a new group of friends. Try one of these local classes and lose those last extra pounds as summer comes to a close.

Ultimate Bootcamp

Ultimate’s four week fitness programs are designed to help you shed pounds and get into shape quickly. The 60-minute workouts will help you burn up to 700 calories (yes, that’s during each workout) and you’ll have fun doing it, too. The workouts vary daily and may include interval training, plymometrics, Tabata, hill workouts, and relay races. With locations in Arlington, Brookline, Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown, Framingham, Longwood, South Boston, Watertown, and even Wakefield, you don’t have an excuse for not checking this program out.

$200 for a membership package with unlimited workouts for a month, other package prices vary; multiple locations; 617-787-1224; visit for more information.

Beantown Bootcamp

John Wayman started Beantown Bootcamp in 2003, so it’s one of the longest standing bootcamp programs in the area. The program is currently in its “outdoor season,” which means that you’ll get in shape while getting some fresh air, and you can choose from six bootcamp classes each day of the week with Wayman and his fellow trainers. The classes include cardio and strength training elements, and no two workouts are the same.

$210 for one month of classes, $25 for a drop in class; 90 Canal Street, Boston; 617-259-6955; visit for more information.

Evolve Bootcamp

These classes include aspects of martial arts, yoga, and healing disciplines, and almost all of the classes are offered outdoors, rain or shine. Each class includes dynamic stretching, kettlebells, undulating ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, high energy relay circuits, cardio drills, obstacle courses, circuit training, and plyometrics (whew!). August classes are offered at Jamaica Pond, at the Boston Common, and in Somerville. All fitness levels are welcome at the classes, although being able to walk a mile comfortably is recommended.

$199 for 12 classes, $135 for 8 classes; locations vary; 617-388-7729; visit for more information.

Post Office Square Bootcamp

There’s nothing we like better than free fitness, and this summer you can attend bootcamp classes for zero cost in Post Office Square. Bootcamp classes will be offered from 5:30-6:30 pm on Tuesdays in the square during the month of August, weather permitting, so pack your shoes and head outside after work to get your sweat on.

Free; Norman B. Leventhal Park, Post Office Square, 50 Federal Street; 617-423-1500; visit for more information.

Ally’s Boxing Bootcamp

This indoor boxing bootcamp class is designed for people who want a high intensity workout that only lasts an hour. You’ll box with heavy bags and weights, practice 1-on-1 pad punching, cardio kickbox, and complete intense ab workouts and calisthenics. Apparently each class is designed to burn up to 1,200 calories. You can choose from a beginner’s bootcamp, or outdoor bootcamp classes, and there are even boxing bootcamp classes that are geared towards kids.

Prices vary, call to inquire; 1600 VFW Pkwy, West Roxbury; 617-347-5900; visit for more information and pricing.

Veteran Training Athletics

This class is actually a true bootcamp. Why? Because you’ll be trained by ex-special operations forces and army veterans, and their specialty is turning “the standard person into an elite athlete”. If you’re brave enough to sign up for these classes, which take place year round in the Boston Common and in Quincy, we guarantee you’ll be feeling it the next day.

Prices vary, email to inquire; 101 Summer Street, Boston; 100 Hancock Street, Quincy; email for prices and scheduling, and visit for more information.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Spoiler alert: Barry’s is still not up and running in Boston yet, but they’ve announced that they’ll be open by the end of the summer. You can look forward to bootcamp classes with high energy, a “party feel” (nightclub music plays throughout the classes), and qualified trainers.

Visit for more information about the new facility.