Delete on Newbury is Offering Free Radiation Tattoo Removal

The service will be free for the entire year.

There are some tattoos that are easy to regret, and others that you want to keep forever. And for some women, their tattoos were not a matter of choice, but a necessary step in saving their lives. When being treated for breast cancer, a radiation tattoo can be a mark of survival for some, but for others it is a constant reminder of their pain and suffering.

Delete Tattoo Removal and Laser on Newbury Street is offering free breast cancer radiation tattoo removal to Greater Boston residents. The program begins October 1st and will run throughout the entire year. A radiation tattoo helps the radiation therapist aim for the correct area to administer the radiation. Because breast cancer patients can have anywhere from five days to six weeks of radiation, and every treatment is supposed to be aimed at the same place in order to prevent recurrence and spare healthy tissue, the markings are a necessary evil is some ways. They can help save lives but also leave a permanent mark.

Most radiation tattoos are the size of a small freckle but because there is usually four of these “dots” (each marking one corner of the area to be radiated), they can be noticeable during and post treatment. That’s why many women choose (with their doctors permission) to have them removed.

“We are proud to offer breast cancer survivors free breast cancer radiation tattoo removal as a small gesture to help them feel more comfortable after undergoing such invasive treatment,” Ronen Morris, owner of Delete says in a press release. “Our All Clear program is the answer to the unwanted daily reminders for these women. They shouldn’t have to live with battle scars.”

Delete Boston is partnering with Komen MA and will donate 10 percent of all regular tattoo removal services booked during the month of October to the organization. In addition, 100 percent of all vitamin B-12 shots will be donated to Komen MA.