Q&A: Getting Personal With Kendall Covitz

Covitz's health and fitness program is personalized and flexible for every individual.

Kendall Covitz photo provided

Kendall Covitz photo provided

Kendall Covitz hates rules. That’s why her wellness program has no rule other than be happy and be healthy. Via Skype, Kendall connects with people all over Massachusetts and helps create individualized food and movement routines for every client because she believes there shouldn’t be a one size fits all for your health. 

What is your Kendall Clean campaign?

It’s really here to highlight what I stand for in nutrition and health. It started out with documenting what I’m doing everyday but then I decided to extend it into more of a shaped program but without any parameters. Its just everyday things that you can do to be happy and healthy. And there’s also the hashtag, #KendallClean, that people use to show me what they’re doing and I can tag and highlight people that are doing well.

What makes your program different from all the other wellness programs out there? 

It’s all about the no rules approach. I think other programs have too many rules that you have to follow which makes everything more difficult and limiting and it turns into this struggle with perfection. And when we try to be perfect, we always fail, because nobody is perfect.

What inspired you to start a nutrition and health program?

I’ve had stomach issues my whole life; I have a sensitivity to dairy and to gluten. One day I decided to use my nutrition training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and take charge of my allergies. I started eliminating both dairy and gluten and I was amazed to see how much better I felt afterward. So now I highlight what I’m doing every day, what I eat and what I do, and promote what my clients are doing to inspire people.

What’s your personal fitness routine?

I try to make sure I move every day, whether its walking or running or yoga. And I always try to eat fresh, local produce. I find sneaky ways to add greens into everything from eggs to smoothies. I want to get as much nutrients as possible.

What classes do you teach?

I’m a RYT200 yoga instructor and trained in prenatal yoga. I teach some corporate classes in addition to my private clients and I’m starting a new prenatal program here in Andover at a studio called Oxygen Mind and Body. But I like working with people individually the best. There’s no one size fits all for health and fitness so I like being able to figure out what each client needs.

Where do you go for your foods?

I live right next to a farm so I usually stop by there before I go to the grocery store. And then whatever I don’t get there, I fill in at the grocery store. I love Whole Foods. I get my meat and fish there because they’re really fresh and have higher standards than most other places.

What advice is most popular among your clients? 

I think the outside perspective I have is the most popular. The way we break down what people are going through and what people need to do get the most out of this. I give them the support they need whether it be for food or movement or balance in their life.

I just recently went away for three weeks and one my clients told me when I got back that she injured herself and she wasn’t stretching and she’d gone back to caffeine which wasn’t good for her. And she said that since I was gone, everything was just off balance. So I thought that was a good way of explaining what I do.

What’s your favorite part about your program? 

I think my favorite part is the overall impact I have on people. I see it in the way I feel about the teachers who taught me, too. You really admire and respect them and I never thought I’d be able to have that kind of impact on people. And that’s also why I really love working with private clients. I get to make a real connection with them. You just don’t get that feeling in a bigger group setting.