Fall Adult Beverages That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

No need to skip the alcohol with these drinks. Create your favorite cocktail this weekend!

Cocktail image via shutterstock

Cocktail image via shutterstock

Whether it’s for a get together with friends or for a relaxing night in, there’s nothing better to warm you up like a fall-inspired cocktail. To make your cocktail better for you and lower in calories, try using all natural mixers, spicy ingredients, and fresh garnishes for a restaurant quality cocktail at home. If you’re cutting back on alcohol this season, I’ve included some “mock-tails” to try, and the rest will taste just as delicious without the alcohol.

1. Valencia Orange Apple Cider Bourbon
via Daily Squeeze

Set off your taste buds with bright orange and apple with a swirl of cinnamon. If you’re interested in a hot beverage, gently heat the apple cider, orange juice, and a cinnamon stick, then divvy up into cups and stir in the bourbon.

2. Apple and Pear White Sangria
via Love Grows Wild

This recipe uses Moscato wine and lemon liqueur but you could use sauvignon blanc and cognac, because whatever you have on hand will work.

3. Rosemary Pear Margarita
via Daydreamers Desserts

While this recipe calls for margarita mix, it’s better to use lime juice and a splash of triple sec. Pre-made mixes are full of sugar and extra calories. Start with three ounces of lime juice and one ounce of triple sec then make slight tweaks until it tastes perfect for you.

4. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate
via Honey, What’s Cooking

A cold and rainy fall day calls for spiced hot chocolate. Try using 1 percent or skim milk to cut calories and definitely stick with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is not only good to eat but is full of antioxidants, so this drink is practically guilt free. Also, be sure to use pure pumpkin puree and not pumpkin pie filling which is sweetened.

5. Bourbon Bomber
via The Boys Club

Bourbon with apple and ginger is a great twist on a regular bourbon and soda. Additionally, this recipe uses agave syrup as a sweetener instead of the usual simple syrup. This link has an added bonus of a homemade apple cider recipe that can be used in any of these drinks.

6. Chai Tea
via The Gingersnap Girl

Chai tea is a great served hot for a chilly night or poured over ice for sipping after a day of apple picking. You can make extra of the spiced tea mixture and save it in an airtight container in the fridge. The recipe uses skim milk, but this is a perfect time to use soy or almond milk instead.

7. Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria
via How Sweets Eat

Sangria is a great drink for a party. The festive color lends itself to the season and the spiced flavor will warm the chill from your bones. Instead of using pomegranate soda, try using equal parts pomegranate juice and club soda instead.

8. Fig Sidecar
via Valley & Co Lifestyle

This is a good example of how making your own mixers and syrups help keep your cocktails fresh and low calorie.  The syrup does have a lot of sugar in it, however, there’s only a half ounce in each drink. Plus, this recipe makes a lot of syrup, and it will save for future drinks.

9. Cranberry Ginger Cocktail
via Pixilated Crumb

As October approaches, this is a cocktail to consider for your Halloween party. All natural ginger beer is becoming easier to find and a terrific mixer to keep in your liquor cabinet for this recipe or for a night with a dark and stormy.