Life & Limb

Boston has a long history of pioneering research in prosthetics. And thanks to cutting-edge new research, local patients are ready to take the next step.


Photograph by Bruce Peterson

The Boston Arm

Boston has a history of leading innovation in prosthetics.

A Brand-New Kick

How an MIT spinoff is revolutionizing prosthetics, one motor-driven ankle at a time.

All Prosthetics Are Local

Shops and fitters around Boston have found that they, too, benefit from the area’s prosthetic technology boom.

Hugh Herr: Bionic Pioneer

Herr grew up an avid climber, but as a teen he lost both legs after being caught in a blizzard on Mount Washington. He went on to become the “leader of the bionic age.” As a professor at the MIT Media Lab and the founder of BiOM, he’s dedicated himself to developing groundbreaking technology for amputees. And right now, he tells us, new developments are coming very quickly.