Bag Check: A Peek Inside Two Fitness Pros’ Gym Bags

Look inside the commuting-ready carryalls of two local fitness pros for inspiration—and pack smart.

Bryan Kramer, personal trainer and fitness instructor, Equinox

The North Face “Base Camp” duffel


Photograph by Kang Kim. Styling by Kara Ktona/Anchor Artists.

1. Burberry Brit aftershave: “It gives you a fresh feel after a hard workout.”

2. American Crew pomade.

3. Lululemon shorts: “They are very breathable, form-fitting, and have a well-placed zip pocket so I can bring a few bucks to the gym for my post-workout shake.”

4. Polar FT60: “I can keep track of my heart rate and use the timer for interval training.”

5. Boxing wraps: “To protect my hands during boxing workouts.”

6. Inov-8 “F-lite 195” shoes: “The shoes have a very low profile with a zero rake [elevation in the heel] so I have better posture.”

7. Flow Roll Jiu-Jitsu compression shirt: “It’s a rash guard for jiu-jitsu to prevent staph infections or ringworm through skin-to-skin contact.”

8. Head & Shoulders shampoo.

9. Gillette Clear Gel deodorant.

Ali Baldassare, fitness instructor, Beacon Hill Athletic Club, North End Yoga, and Equinox

Lululemon tote


Photograph by Kang Kim. Styling by Kara Ktona/Anchor Artists.

1. Lululemon yoga crops: Baldassare brings along a replacement pair of cropped pants so she can change after class. “Staying in sweaty clothes when you’re done working out is just uncomfortable, especially in the winter.”

2. Reebok Dance “UR Lead” high-tops: These kicks are Baldassare’s pick for Zumba, but she might also have her cycling shoes or sneakers in tow, depending on the day’s schedule.

3. ENERGYbits: These organic algae tabs “provide a quick energy boost before or in between classes and workouts.”

4. Water bottle.

5. Baby powder: “I put this in my sneakers or cycling shoes post-workout to absorb the sweat and keep my shoes smelling fresh.”

6. Umbrella: “Because…Boston.”

7. Marc Jacobs cosmetics bag.

8. Shiseido “Pureness” refreshing cleansing wipes: “These wipes are a great on-the-go option to cleanse and refresh my skin.”

9. Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel: “A timesaver for when you don’t have time to apply makeup before after-workout plans.”

10. Josie Maran Argan Oil lip and cheek tint: “Adds a subtle hint of color to the lips and cheekbones.”

11. Buxom waterproof mascara: “I don’t wear a lot of makeup to the gym, but black mascara is a must—always.”