New Balance Will Clear Running Paths on the Esplanade

The local athletic footwear and apparel company renews its partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

All photos provided.

All photos provided.

The Esplanade is one of the most popular running spots in town, no matter the weather. That’s why New Balance has renewed its commitment for the fifth straight year to clear the running paths along the Charles River for the winter season. The sponsorship is a partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

Even though the weather seems to be getting ugly early this year, that doesn’t mean that locals are going to stop training. Boston is a runner’s city, and whether you’re training for the Boston Marathon, or take just want to take a leisurely winter stroll, having clear, safe paths to do so is vital.

The new agreement says that New Balance will provide funding for snow removal along 17-plus miles of Charles River paths spanning from the Museum of Science in Cambridge to the Galen Street Bridge in Watertown. In conjunction with normal DCR protocol, snow removal will be performed within 24 hours of the completion of each storm.

“New Balance is thrilled to continue this relationship with the DCR for the fifth consecutive season to help clear the paths along the Charles River,” says Rob DeMartini, New Balance CEO. “As a Boston-based company we understand the importance of training through the winter for early spring racing events. This program helps ensure that athletes can continue to train year round.”


On Saturday mornings leading up to the Boston Marathon, New Balance will host six different events to promote new products, offer winter running tips, and interact with area athletes. In a press release, New Balance says that “inspirational banners” will hang along river to “encourage runners to keep moving through the winter chill.”

“New Balance’s continuing support of DCR’s snow and ice removal efforts along the Charles River has enhanced this agency’s operational capacity,” said DCR Commissioner Jack Murray. “Providing four-season access to the Charles River Basin for runners and walkers is a crucial priority for DCR, and the support of New Balance to enhance DCR park users’ experience in this area supports this mission, and showcases the ways DCR and the business community can work together. I’m confident the Commonwealth’s residents and visitors access to healthy and safe outdoor recreation will be enjoyed again this winter.”

Due to the path’s close proximity to the river bank, there is limited salting and sanding that can be performed, so the DCR and New Balance urge runners to use caution, even after plowing. The press release says that the clearing will begin with the “next snowstorm.” Let’s hope that means cleaning up Tuesday’s mess.