VIDEO: Boston Breakers Co-Captain Hilary Knight and Team USA Fight Canada

Team USA won the game which ended in a fight between the two rivals.

Hilary Knight on the ice for Team USA. Photo provided.

Hilary Knight on the ice for Team USA. Photo provided.

Boston Blades co-captain, Hilary Knight, was involved in a brawl Friday night when Team USA beat Canada 4-1 in a pre-Olympic exhibition game. The women’s hockey games between USA and Canada are always intense, and this one was no different.

According to USA Today, the referees handed out 10 fighting majors and a string of other infractions. The fight occurred with only nine seconds to play. The two teams also fought in October late in a game in Burlington, Vt., with all 10 skaters taking part in a brawl late in the third period. There was another melee between the two teams in 2010.

The players on both sides know each other well. Knight is the co-captain of the Boston Blades, a professional women’s hockey team that are the current champions of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. The team plays their home games in Somerville, and are the only non-Canadian team in the league. We talked to Knight back in April after she was named MVP of the league. She told us that training for team USA is different than in-season with the Blades, and that it’s all about heart.

The most important thing is heart. Training for the Olympic team is a demanding experience. I have to love training and competing, which I do! There are so many things that go into training, but setting goals, challenging myself daily, as well as challenging my teammates is a huge portion in training for the Olympic team.

Apparently, being able to land a right hook is important, too.

Watch the video of the fight below and then tell us, what is your stance on fighting in hockey?

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