Silly Parents, Gyms Are (Also) for Kids

H2K Happy Healthy Kids Fitness Studio just opened in Sudbury, and it tailors specifically to your little ones.

Kids Zumba. All photos provided.

Zumba. All photos provided.

Usually, grown-up gyms will have a play area or babysitting space for kids, but it’s unique when there’s an entire fitness studio dedicated specifically to children (and the special area is for parents). H2K Happy Healthy Kids Fitness Studio recently opened in Sudbury and aims to provide a safe, fun, and easy-going way for kids to exercise in a non-competitive environment with the goal of instilling fitness values in children at an early age.

H2K’s owner, Julia Walderzak, says that she struggled with obesity throughout her childhood. She managed to shed the extra weight and get fit through circuit training and yoga and wanted to provide a family fitness center in the MetroWest community, something that she says was completely lacking.

Kids getting ready for a kickboxing class.

Kids getting ready for a kickboxing class.

There are classes for parents and children to take together, such as Prenatal Yoga, Mom and Baby Yoga, Family and Me Yoga, and Mama Ballroom. For children ages 2 to 14, classes include yoga, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, and theatre movement. H2K also offers separate yoga, Zumba, and kickboxing classes for adults. But this is not an adult gym that offers kid’s classes. It’s pretty much the other way around.

H2K also offers birthday packages that include a 90-minute class of yoga, Zumba, or kickboxing, as well as invitations, food, and beverages. H2K also has a lounge for parents with complimentary coffee, tea, and WiFi for them to enjoy and relax while their children take a class—no babysitter required.

730 Boston Post Road/Route 20, Sudbury,, 978-261-5950