Roundup: Indoor Winter Sports Leagues

Work out, meet people, and stay out of the cold with these indoor winter sports leagues.

indoor soccer image via shutterstock

indoor soccer image via shutterstock

This winter has been so cold, the only sports most people are thinking about are the ones on TV. While it’s tempting to stay on your couch all day, it’s time to end your hibernation and do something active. We’ve gathered some of Boston’s best indoor winter sports leagues that’ll motivate you to work out and socialize, while keeping you out of the polar vortex. 

Indoor Soccer

A little too excited for this summer’s World Cup? Channel your inner Beckham and join a Boston Ski and Sports Club indoor soccer league. It’s the biggest adult indoor soccer program in the Greater Boston area with more than 225 teams that are either coed or all male. All skill levels are welcome.

$130 for non-club members, all club members get a discount, 617-789-4070, ext. 239,

Floor Hockey 

Enjoy hockey, but not a fan of the ice? Try floor hockey instead. It’s same idea as hockey but without the feeling of falling on your face every two seconds. The Boston Ski and Sports Club offers four leagues in Newton that play one day a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. All levels of abilities are welcome and the game is non contact, which means there will be no lost teeth. Hurry up and register because the leagues are filling up fast.

$115 for non-members, $90 for members, starts 01/27, Schechter Field House, 125 Wells Ave, Newton, 617-789-4070, ext. 226,

Inner Tube Water Polo

Water polo is fun, but if you’re a little intimidated by people tackling you while you are trying to stay afloat, try Inner Tube Water Polo with Social Boston Sports. The game takes the intensity of regular water polo and makes it more accessible to the average person by playing in tubes. Channel your inner kid with plenty of splashing and flipping around. After all the games a sponsor bar hosts after parties for players to eat, drink, and mingle.

$80 for teams, $85 for individuals, Wednesday 9 p.m., January 29 to March 12, MIT Zesiger Center, 120 Vassar St, Cambridge, 888-727-2005,

Indoor Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee isn’t just for barefoot college kids, and the Boston Ultimate Disk Alliance (BUDA) has a multitude of leagues you can join. Right now, you can sign up for the Winter Hat League until January 29. The league is indoor and coed, but it’s geared towards more experienced players. There are three different leagues you can join, one in Northborough, one in Danvers, and one in Revere.

$90, registration till January 29, league starts 2/3 and goes till late March, Dates and Location varies based on section

3D Dodgeball

If you are looking for fun, exercise, and a throwback to gym class, join Social Boston Sports 3D Dodgeball league. This coed league is open to all levels of ability. However, these dodgeball games aren’t like the ones in high school. This is 3D dodgeball, meaning dodgeball on trampolines. That’s right, trampolines. It’s face-paced twist on a classic game that will be sure to get you moving and socializing.

$65, Wednesdays 7p.m., February 26 to April 9, Skyzone Boston, 91 Sprague Street, Boston, 888-727-2005,


Think you’ve got a good spike? Single Social Sports, or S3, has opened registration for their winter volleyball league, which starts in March. The goal of the league is to put you on a team that’ll get you meeting and competing (hence the league’s name). S3 will put you in teams with players around your same age and who live in the same area as you.

95$, Sundays 12 p.m. or 1 p.m., March 2 to April 20, Simmons Athletic Center, 331 Brookline Ave, Boston, 617-701-6243,