Eight Healthy Winter Vegetable Recipes

Parsnips, beets, and turnips are all in-season.

turnips image via shutterstock

turnips image via shutterstock

Winter is the time for hearty vegetables like sweet potatoes, squashes, and turnips. These veggies are good options for simple side dishes, but the root vegetables can also be a hearty addition to a vegetarian main course. The best part about winter vegetables is the versatility. You can use many different kinds of cooking methods and produce delicious results.

1. Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad with Kale Pesto
via Highgate Hill Kitchen

Pairing a filling vegetable with dark greens helps make a vegetarian dish more substantial. If you don’t like pumpkin seeds, try pine nuts, walnuts, or even cashews. Unsalted nuts are best to cook with and don’t skip the toasting step, it will make all the difference. Trust me.

2. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas
via In My Red Kitchen

Tip: Roasting several sweet potatoes at one time with this recipe. Also, to keep the quesadillas from getting too wet, lay the beans on paper towels to dry first.

3. Roasted Winter Vegetables
via Barefoot Contessa

Sometimes the best way to enjoy winter veggies is with a super simple platter of roasted vegetables topped with fresh herbs. The recipe uses parsley but try adding a sprig or two of thyme or rosemary when cooking.

4. Parsnip and Celery Root Soup
via TasteFood

This soup has delicate, earthy flavors and would pair well with whole wheat toast or a salad of dark greens. Swap out the whole milk for 1 percent or skim and allow the soup to reduce for an extra few minutes to get the same silky quality.

5. Carrot and Parsnip Curry Soup
via Simply Called “Food”

This soup uses three delicious winter veggies: carrots, parsnips, and potatoes. All of which make the soup thick and flavorful. Instead of water, try using part vegetable broth or all broth for a deeper flavor in half the time.

6. Winter Quinoa Salad
via Playin’ With my Food

If you buy beets with the greens still attached you’ll need to trim off the tops. Be sure to leave about an inch of stalk attached, otherwise all of the color and juice will run out and make a mess. You can also get creative with the types of veggies used in this salad. Try roasting butternut squash, sweet potato, or carrot.

7. Roasted Beet and Orange Salad with Honey Orange Dressing
via My Friend’s Bakery

This is a great option for a side salad to go with any winter veggie soup. Top with low fat feta, blue cheese, or goat cheese. Try swapping out the honey for agave.

8. Turnip Cauliflower Mash
via Low Carb One Day at a Time

Try this recipe instead of mashed potatoes. You can steam or boil the vegetables before mashing. In place of butter, try stirring in low fat sour cream or Greek yogurt for a creamy finish. For an added flavor, use a sprinkle of nutmeg.