How To Break Into the Fitness Business

The Boston Center for Adult Education wants you fill you in.

Kettlebell image via shutterstock

Kettlebell image via shutterstock

So you want to open a yoga studio? Or start a health blog? Or what about marketing your current business to healthy-minded people? Sometimes, the best intentions can mean nothing if you have no idea where to begin. The Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) wants to help get you started with a new panel discussion on March 6th that will focus specially on the health and wellness industry.

The panel discussion is $25 and being led by Erin Madore, a yoga and Reiki practitioner based in Boston. Other panelists include: Kevan Gale, Fluid Yoga expert and owner of Stil Studio in Dedham; Nikki Tierney, a Boston-based personal trainer; Rachel Estapa, a certified life coach, and advocate for the “Health at Any Size Movement” who also writes her popular blog, Move to Love; and Mark Samara, a personal trainer at Commonwealth Sports Club and competitive body builder.

Panelists will talk about things like starting your own gym; the secrets to gaining clients; marketing; dealing with body-image in a body-focused industry; and other health and fitness topics including the latest trends, best practices and tips for success such as landing new gigs, standing out in a crowded industry, and balancing work and life.

The evening ends with a cocktail party to swap business cards (or better yet, fitness tips).

Registration is required. Boston Center for Adult Education, 122 Arlington Street, 617-267-4430,