MiniLuxe Is Now Offering ‘Mini’ Facials

The new facials are offered at all Miniluxe locations except Brookline.

Miniluxe on Newbury Street

Exterior of Miniluxe on Newbury Street.

Let’s face it: Facials aren’t the best spa treatment on the menu. First, you’re choked by steam, then picked and prodded with sharp tools, and then when you finally leave, you get to look forward to the post-facial breakout.

That’s why Miniluxe (which has never offered facials before) decided to add “mini” facials to their menu. The 30-minute treatment incorporates the best parts of the facial (massage and hydration) and leaves out the worst parts (steam and extractions.)

Clients were requesting the addition of facials to the menu, says MiniLuxe CEO, Sue Thirlwall. “[The facials] offer a variety of quick, simple, and effective treatments that respond to a wide range of needs: dehydration, dullness, and weather,” she says. “There’s no harsh chemicals that can be damaging to your skin. It’s meant to be a quick pick me up with instant results that make you feel refreshed. The service and esthetician teams collaboratively worked together to think of all the components we could add to the actual product to make it a really effective and well spent half hour.”

The facials start with a cleansing and toning, followed by a mask, neck and shoulder massage, and then and moisturizer applied with another rubdown. 

Miniluxe has eight locations and prides itself on its cleanliness (if you’ve ever had a manicure/pedicure at a Miniluxe, then you know that they use all brand new tools for each customer), and the chain has Dr. Oz himself listed as an “advisor.”

The only bad part about getting a facial on Newbury Street? Having to walk makeup-free down some of Boston’s busiest sidewalks when it’s over. But, at least your skin will be glowing.