Btone Fitness Is Opening a Wellesley Location

The new studio opens Saturday April 12.

Btone new location

Btone’s new Wellesley location. Photo provided.

Btone Fitness Studios is opening its Wellesley location Saturday, April 12, after what co-owner Jody Merrill says was “constant inquiries and requests to open in Wellesley.” The new location is in the Odd Fellow’s Building which was constructed in 1875 and has some really cool features that Merrill says only “needed some paint and lighting.”

The unique space was actually part of a men’s secret society that focused on community service work and supporting local businesses. Merrill says that no one else was ever allowed to enter the building so it’s a space that no one has ever seen before. I bet those “odd fellows” would be surprised to see a bunch of women in yoga pants taking up room in their old quarters.

“We really did not want to change the space very much because it had the kind of character that you truly cannot add to a space,” Merrill says.

This will be Btone’s largest location, with more than 3000 sq. ft. of space for classes, and of course, their signature megaformers, which is equipment used for the Lagree Fitness method (like a Pilates reformer on steroids.)

“When you walk through our waiting area, there’s a middle room that has a beautiful arched ceiling. This room will house our cardio classes as well as anything else that our clients may come up with,” Merrill says. “We have a brand new crop of trainers who have been practicing for months at our other studios as well as some of our senior trainers. Having a room where we can mix things up is something that I know our trainers will like as much as our clients will.”

The last room in the building is the megaformer room, which holds the newest pieces of equipment on the market, called the M2S.

“We hope to invite the Odd Fellows back into their space,” Merrill says. “Who knows, maybe they’ll be the latest Btone addicts?”

89 Central Street Wellesley, 617-578-866; btonefitness.comBtone Wellesley is currently offering a “pre-opening special” which is $99 for 30 days unlimited (regularly $250). As always the first class is $5.