B.Good Created a Cold Pressed Juice Company

4 Petal Cold Pressed Juice is available in six B.Good locations and all Pavement Coffeehouses.

The new 4 petal juices.

The new 4 petal juices.

While running into the Pavement Coffeehouse on Gainsborough Street for our morning coffee, we noticed a small ice bowl holding mason jars filled with juice called 4 Petal Cold Pressed Juice. We ordered the green. It was delicious. But little did we know that the green goodness we chugged down was actually made by the same guys who founded local fast food restaurant, B.Good.

B.Good has always been on point when it comes to the local food movement. In fact, last summer they grew more than 700 pounds of tomatoes on top of a downtown parking garage. This year, they’ve added growing their own kale to the mix. There’s currently 25 kiddie pools on top of that same downtown garage (seriously) and another 25 in Somerville filled with what will eventually become hundreds of pounds of kale. When the kale is harvested in mid-June, tomatoes will be planted in the same spot.

B.Good’s co-owner Jon Olinto says that he noticed how popular some of the restaurant’s new, healthier items were becoming, such as the smoothies made with kale or spinach, chia seeds, and almond milk, and their new “bowls” filled with things like kale and quinoa. He also noticed how the cold pressed juice trend was taking off in many cities like New York. This led Olinto and his partners to consider creating juices of their own.

“I think the food landscape is changing towards a healthier product and we are changing with it,” Olinto says. “We have a commissary kitchen where we make our sauces and veggies, and we started making the fresh, cold-pressed juice in there, too, as an experiment. We brought it to the Wholy Grain in the South End just to see what would happen, and we sold out in one day.”

That success led Olinto and his partners to start thinking about the next step. They named their product 4 Petal, after the four-petal flower that blooms in cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, green cabbage, cauliflower, white turnips, broccoli, kale, and collard greens. But Olinto stresses that they are still in the planning stages of developing the company and were not really expecting the reaction they’ve received so far.

“We started selling it in just a couple of B.Goods, and we started to see the increase in demand,” Olinto says. “Right now we have two sizes, an 8 ounce ($4.99) and a 16 ounce ($7.99) and it’s available in six B.Goods, and all Pavements. The idea is that it is all super fresh, and we want to stay true to that. We press it the same day we deliver it. It’s only three days of shelf life and the clock starts the day we make it. We are really just starting this and are growing into it. The response has been incredible.”

The company is still in its infancy, so in order to try one of their juices, you have to head over to one of the B.Goods that carries it (Dartmouth St., Summer St., Harvard Square, Washington St., Hingham, or Dedham) or any Pavement Coffeehouse location. The cool thing about 4 Petal as opposed to a bottled juice is that you are buying and drinking it the same day it was pressed, so you’re getting all of the goodness and none of the preservatives. And while the national brands that sell at Whole Foods may also have a short shelf life, their juice will never be as fresh because it did have to travel here.