Ten Healthy Low Carb Recipes

Cutting carbs doesn't have to be difficult. Here's 10 recipes to get you started.

burgers on a grill image via shutterstock

burgers on a grill image via shutterstock

Going “low carb” doesn’t have to mean missing out on delicious and decadent food. By adding in hearty substitutions such as olives, greens, and lean proteins, you’ll be satisfied without the carbs. To keep cravings at bay, balance protein portions with a solid helping of veggies.

Below, 10 low carb recipes to try this week:

1. Lemon Rosemary Pork Chops with Arugula Salad
via Healthy Seasonal Recipes

When cutting carbs, it’s important to make sure the food you cook is filling so that you aren’t reaching for the bread basket. Pork chops are a great protein because it’s substantial, but with far fewer calories that a beef dish. Use a food thermometer so you don’t overcook the pork.

2. Roasted Barramundi with Tomato and Olive Relish
via Kalyn’s Kitchen

The tomato and olive relish will be the best new thing you’ve created in a long time. Swap out the barramundi for another hearty white fish like cod, or try it with pork or chicken. If you don’t want to use a pre-made rub, try sprinkling Old Bay on the fish before cooking.

3. Baked Panko Zucchini Sticks
via I Eat Therefore I Cook

Panko is a Japanese breadcrumb that has less calories, carbs, and sodium than regular breadcrumbs. So, if you start craving something crunchy and a little decadent, then try this recipe for a healthier version of fries.

4. Lemon-Dill Zucchini Pasta with Shrimp and Capers
via Inspiralized

Instead of pasta, this recipe uses thin strips of zucchini sautéed with shrimp, lemon, and capers to create a dish similar to piccata. Add chopped fresh tomatoes, fennel, or summer squash for added flavor.

5. Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps
via Prevention RD

Lettuce wraps are a great way to cut carbs from a meal. This recipe makes juicy chicken in a soy, honey, and chili sauce and cashews before wrapping everything in butter lettuce leaves for a cool crunch. Use a light soy sauce to keep sodium levels low.

6. Grilled Eggplant Bruschetta
via A Sweet Life

Craving bruschetta but trying to stay low carb? Grill eggplant to use instead of bread and pile on your favorite bruschetta toppings.

7. Chicken Shawarma with Lime Avocado Mayo
via The Iron You

You don’t need a vertical spit to make shawarma at home. Simply add earthy spices such as cumin and coriander to your meat and cook it slowly on the grill. If you don’t want to use mayo in the lime avocado mayo, then double the amount of Greek yogurt.

8. Sesame Cucumber Salad
via Yes to Yolks 

Here’s a great alternative to take to a picnic instead of potato or pasta salad. Make this several hours in advance to allow the flavors to meld. Start with about half the sugar suggested and taste as you stir. Making this salad too sweet will take away from the tangy quality.

9. Roasted Green Chile Chicken Sausage & Corn Stuffed Poblano Peppers
via The Housewife in Training Files

Be sure to find lean chicken sausage (fresh is best) to keep this recipe healthy. Green chiles are not spicy, so if you like heat, add a jalapeño into the sausage sauté. To make this meal vegetarian and still low carb, use chopped mushrooms instead of sausage.

10. Vegetarian Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai
via Inspiralized

Pad thai is usually a big bowl of carbs, but here’s a recipe that goes outside the noodle box. Using zucchini as the noodles makes it a low carb dish. Don’t peel the zucchini before cooking. The skin will help the vegetable keep its shape.