Unique (and Free) Fitness Class Coming to the North End in July

Two of Boston's most popular fitness pros are teaming up to help you 'ReWire.'

North End

Aerial North End photo via Shutterstock

If somebody can find a city in the U.S. with more free fitness classes in the summer than Boston, please let me know. Because there’s a ton here. And the best part is that the opportunities just keep on coming.

Two popular fitness pros are teaming up to bring the North End a free class unlike anything the city has seen before. ReWire, the brainchild of Astrid Bengtson, a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist (and the only trainer in town currently teaching Surfset), and Jon Malone, an indoor cycling instructor and musician who graduated from Berklee College of Music, will start July 1 at Langone Park in the North End.

The free 75-minute class will feature the unique styles of both instructors. Bengtson and Malone believe in “getting back to our true nature, from every angle possible,” so it makes perfect sense that they’d choose to hold their combo class outdoors, along the waterfront.

“To be able to offer free classes feels important to me personally, as the simple obstacle of money won’t be an issue for anyone,” Bengtson says. “It feels exciting to be collaborating with Jon. At a first glance, our work may seem almost opposite from one another, but if you dig a little deeper, the core of it all is the same, which is to bring people closer to their true nature and functions. The only difference is the way we work to accomplish this. My approach is focused on postural alignment and correct neuromuscular function, while Jon takes an almost spiritual approach by exposing people to the joy of movement and training outside in nature.”

ReWire is split into two sessions. The first half will be led by Bengtson who will focus on her expertise of treating common muscular imbalances and postural deviations through specific stretches and corrective exercises.

Next, Malone will lead a running and conditioning session that uses only bodyweight and gravity as tools. At the end of class you’ll feel great all over, which will be helpful when the instructors invite everyone out for a beer afterwards.

Details: Langone Park at the North End Waterfront (Commercial St.); 7/1, 7/8, 7/15, 7/22; 6.30 p.m. to 7.45 p.m.; all classes are free; max attendance is 20 people; sign up in advance through Eventbrite here.