Marblehead Startup Creates Hybrid Board for Kids

The Kypad is a cross between a kayak and paddleboard.

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photo provided.

It all started with a trip to Osgood Beach.

While visiting the Salem hotspot last summer, Gunner Lamb watched his young sons and their friends struggle to maneuver the family’s heavy kayak in the water. When the Marblehead resident and his wife, Kristen, started visiting local surf stores looking for a more kid-friendly alternative, the couple soon discovered that kid-sized paddleboards were non-existent. That’s when they decided to design their own.

“I saw the light,” Lamb says. “I realized there was a greater market need.”

Enter the Kypad, a cross between a kayak and a stand-up paddleboard. The Kypad is the brainchild of the eponymous company cofounded by the Lambs. Specifically designed for children, the Kypad is equipped with a seat, footwells, and a leash for safety. The hand-carved boards are made from fiberglass and are strong, yet remarkably light. Lamb says a typical adult-sized paddleboard can weigh as much as 40 pounds. The Kypad weighs in at a mere 15.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback,” Lamb says. “People just haven’t seen such a light board before.”

The board is available in two sizes: the smaller is 7.5 feet long and can support up to 135 pounds, and the larger board measures 9.5 feet, weighs just 18 pounds, and can support as much as 165 pounds. Its lightweight design makes the Kypad usable for kids of all ages, and its generous weight limit means kids won’t outgrow it right away, if ever.

Although the boards were designed for children, Lamb says adults shouldn’t rule them out.

“We want everyone to try it,” Lamb says. “If you’re a mom or dad that fits the weight requirements, you can easily use this board.”

After successfully debuting the first board at a show in Orlando earlier this year, Kypad will release its second generation board in August. The company also plans to begin selling the boards internationally, starting with New Zealand.

For more information or to buy, visit or call 978-317-6764.

photo provided.

photo provided.