10,000 Steps: History Edition

Sorry, Freedom Trail. These three 10,000-step walks are our favorite ways to get a history lesson.

It’s generally agreed upon that walking 10,000 steps per day is the benchmark of an active lifestyle. In this series, we map some of our favorite 10,000 step walks throughout Boston and beyond.

Photo by Lisa Decotis

Photo by Lisa Decotis

With the Freedom Trail’s $50,000 in updates set to be completed this month, history buffs will likely be strapping on their walking shoes in droves. But if you’ve walked the good old Trail one too many times, try one of these history-themed 10,000 step walks instead.


What better place to get your daily history lesson than ultra-intellectual Cambridge? Start your trek at the Harvard Square T station and take Mount Auburn Street to Winthrop Square, the site of the jail that held Puritans like Anne Hutchinson. Then, stop by First Parish Church before heading down Mount Auburn Street to reach Mount Auburn Cemetery, a gorgeous final resting place that is now a National Historic Landmark. Head back the way you came to get back to Harvard Square and take the T home.

Symphony & South End

Music and sports fans, this one’s for you. Start at the Ruggles stop on the Orange Line. From there, walk through Northeastern University’s campus until you reach World Series Way, the original home of the Red Sox and the site of the first World Series. From there, continue through campus to Matthews Arena, the current home of the Huskies hockey team and the original Bruins stadium. Next, take Massachusetts Avenue to Tremont Street until you reach the Beehive, a jazz club. Head back, and take Massachusetts Avenue to Symphony Hall. Then follow Huntington Avenue to the Museum of Fine Arts, stopping in to see some art while you’re at it. Finally, head back to Ruggles, and hop on the T.

Fort Independence

Castle Island may be known for summer favorite Sullivan’s, but it’s also home to a storied piece of history: Fort Independence, a military fort in existence since 1634 and used up until World War II. To get there, take the T to Andrew. Get off and take Preble Street to Columbia Road before following the coastline all the way to Castle Island and the Fort. Resist the urge to get a lobster roll at Sullivan’s and head back the way you came to get home, enjoying the waterfront views on the way.