Summer To Do: Pilates on Bunker Hill

The unique summer fitness options just keep on coming.

hanneke practicing on Bunker Hill. Photo provided.

hanneke practicing on Bunker Hill. Photo provided.

The fitness classes happening in unique places trend continues this summer, and the latest honor goes to Charlestown.

Hanneke Antonelli (pronounced like Hanukkah), a Pilates instructor who teaches at Charlestown Yoga (among other places), will be leading an outdoor Pilates class at Bunker Hill Monument every Wednesday evening from 6:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. through the end of September.

Dubbed “Pilates On The Hill,” the class will be a challenging Pilates Bootcamp style workout, but will also be based on the weather. Antonelli says that if there’s a heat wave, the class will morph into a more straight forward Pilates mat class.

While this is clearly not what the early settlers had in mind when defending Bunker Hill, the most ironic part is that Antonelli—who’s originally from South Africa—lived in London for a number of years before heading to the States. The colonists must be laughing, somewhere.

“I live in Charlestown, and I was actually up [on Bunker Hill] for a picnic with my husband and I was like, ‘This ground is very level.’ Then my husband said, ‘You should do a class out here!’ and that is when I decided to apply for a permit,” Antonelli says. “The National Park Services people were really responsive and it got approved quickly.”

A gorgeous sunset, a unique and historic location, and a top instructor make this class a no brainer. However, there is one caveat: you aren’t allowed to have any physical exchange of cash on the Hill. In fact, Antonelli isn’t even allowed to put up a poster. So you must sign up in advance through Charlestown Yoga.

Cost is $15 per person and you must pre-register online. Please remember to BYOM. (Bring Your Own Mat.)