Tufts Medical Center Nurse Wins National Nursing Excellence Award

Debbie Mitchell-Dozier has been at Tufts for nine years.

Debbie Mitchell-Dozier, a nurse at Tufts Medical Center, was awarded the “Giving Excellence Meaning” (GEM) Award by Nurse.com, an award that honors outstanding nurses across the country.

Mitchell-Dozier was one of 18 finalists from the New England region, and one of only six winners chosen nationally. She’s was the only winner selected from New England region, and has worked at Tufts Medical Center for more than nine years. Mitchell-Dozier is the hospital’s first national winner of a GEM Award.

“We are incredibly proud of Debbie and thrilled about this prestigious award,” said Terry Hudson-Jinks, chief nursing officer at Tufts Medical Center, in a statement. “Our mission at Tufts Medical Center is excellence in patient care, and Debbie has been a true role model, going above and beyond her professional responsibilities, to achieve a remarkable and long-lasting impact on people’s lives.”

Mitchell-Dozier mainly works with patients battling kidney disease. Last year, she received recognition after donating a kidney to a Virginia pastor she had met at her church. During a sermon, Mitchell-Dozier learned that the Virginia pastor was in dire need of a new kidney after suffering severe complications from kidney failure. Touched by his story, Mitchell-Dozier decided to make the life-saving donation.

“Kidney disease has had a profound impact on my family and in my work at Tufts Medical Center,” Mitchell-Dozier said in a statement. “I’ve noticed that many patients are hesitant to share their stories. I hope my own story will encourage more patients to talk about their disease and ask for help. I am truly humbled by this award, which is a great honor, and I would like to thank all of my colleagues at Tufts Medical Center for their unwavering support.”

Mitchell-Dozier has worked as a nurse for more than 19 years and recently retired with honors from the military, where she served as a nurse instructor in the U.S. Army.