There’s a Traveling Eyebrow Shaping Service in Boston

'Pluck,' an on-site brow bar, will come to your office or home.

Sadie at work. image provided to

Sadie at work. image provided to

If you’re like me, the thought of making an appointment—pretty much for anything—is a dreaded scenario. Living in a city, we are lucky to have a spate of walk-in places to go to, but sometimes that means you have to sacrifice quality. Or, if you’re lucky enough to find an expert in their field, they’re either booked up for months, not taking new clients, or the only appointments available are smack in the middle of your workday.

What, in the name of beauty, are we to do? Fortunately, there’s now an on-site brow bar called Pluck. Sort of in the vain of the traveling manicure service, Manicube, Pluck will travel to your office and pluck—just pluck—your eyebrows to perfection.

Pluck is the brainchild of Sadie Higgins, a makeup artist and eyebrow specialist. “I had a client tell me last year that she almost missed her appointment again because she was so busy and couldn’t get out of the office,” Higgins says.  “So, she asked if I would come to her office, which I thought was a great idea.”

Higgins launched the business just a few months ago and already has standing appointments at a few offices in downtown Boston, but she is willing to travel pretty much anywhere within reason. “There’s a law firm and other offices I go to every six weeks, because that’s the hair growth cycle, four to six weeks,” she says.

As of now, Higgins will travel to your office for a minimum of five appointments and a maximum of 10. That’s because she meticulously takes her time plucking each hair to the shape of your face. “I tweeze only the hairs needed,” she says. “The goal is to be beautiful and natural without any product.”

$40 for 45-minutes; followup appointments are 30-minutes;