Newton-Wellesley Hospital Is Hosting a Free Running Clinic

The clinic is open to runners of all levels.

Last year's clinic image provided to

Last year’s clinic image provided to

Newton-Wellesley Hospital (NWH) wants to help runners move better. That’s why the hospital is hosting a free clinic for runners of all skill levels.

The event, dubbed,  “Built To Run: A Free Interactive Running Clinic,” will provide runners with an individual assessment by a physical therapist on their flexibility, gait, footwear, movement, and strength.

“The nature of this event is geared towards any running level,” says Brendan O’Boyle, staff physical therapist at NWH. “It’s for runners to learn how to get better, or to start running, or to address current injuries they have been having, or even to get advice on proper running shoes.”

The event will include different stations that test a runner’s performance, including stretching, strength, and quality of movement. There will also be a station that tests the runner’s gait to see if they are wearing the proper sneakers.

“We try to pick movements and things that pertain to running and the muscles you use when you run,” O’Boyle says.

This event is part of NWH’s “Running Strong” community outreach program. The program, which was created more than 10 years ago, aims to give runners advice on pre- and post- running injuries, marathon training, and how to gain mileage for beginners.

“We find that this event is great for people that are beginning and intermediates,” O’Boyle says. “We can see where their weak point is and give them advice where to focus their training and flexibility.”

October 28 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Newton-Wellesley Ambulatory Care Center, 159 Wells Avenue, Newton Registration required;; 617-243-6383.