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Holiday hors d'oeuvres come with calories—and mileage.

Photograph by Bruce Peterson.

Photograph by Bruce Peterson

Tis the season of cocktail parties and family gatherings. But if you want to fit into your New Year’s Eve dress, you’ll have to step away from the buffet. We asked Boston-based registered dietitian Tara Mardigan, a.k.a. the Plate Coach, for the calorie counts of popular hors d’oeuvres—then mapped how far you’d have to run from the Hatch Shell to burn them off.

1) Two mini vegetable quiches

Calories: 200

Run to: Central Square, 2 miles

2) A quarter cup of spinach-and-artichoke dip

Calories: 350

Run to: Jamaica Pond, 3.5 miles

3) Two beef sliders

Calories: 520

Run to: the Arnold Arboretum, 5.2 miles

4) Two large summer rolls (with shrimp and peanut sauce)

Calories: 300

Run to: Brookline Village, 3 miles

5) Two pigs in a blanket

Calories: 190

Run to: Target South Bay, 1.9 miles

6) Two pieces of bruschetta

Calories: 300

Run to: Assembly Square, 3 miles

7) Two bacon-wrapped scallops

Calories: 200

Run to: the BU Bridge, 2 miles

8) Deviled eggs (two halves)

Calories: 200

Run to: the Charlestown Navy Yard, 2 miles

9) Three cheese cubes

Calories: 210

Run to: the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, 2.1 miles