Skoah Is Offering New Targeted Facial Treatments

Prep your skin for Boston's harsh winter.

Skoah product photo via flickr/taj taneja

Skoah product photo via flickr/raj taneja

In Boston, we are lucky to have small, boutique shops that offer a myriad of “secret” services.

From the outside, Benefit on Newbury Street looks like product-only shop. What many people don’t realize is that the boutique offers facials, waxing, airbrush tanning, eyelash application, and even eyebrow tinting right in the store. Also on Newbury Street, Blue Mercury, known mainly as a shop where you can get high-end makeup and skin care products, offers an array of facials and other services in a private spa setting in the back of the boutique. Finally, Skoah, which has locations on Newbury Street, in the South End, and in Chestnut Hill, also has the look of a product-only shop, but it’s actually a facials-only (and eyebrow shaping) spa as well.

Now, Skoah is launching one new facial a week in November as part of a new “Target Sessions” menu.

The four new facials will be short (30 minutes), intense (according to press reps), and targeted, so that the service will benefit even the most tricky skin care problems. The new options include: Detox (the facial will focus entirely on extractions and unclogging pores); Rewind (created for mature skin, peptides are used to smooth out wrinkles); Glow (created to “relax, exfoliate, and leave skin glowing” with minimal redness and irritation—usually a hallmark of an intense facial); and Peel (using glycolic acid, this facial exfoliates, smooths out wrinkles and fine lines, and helps combat discoloration).

“We have been really happy with the response from our new menu release,” says local Skoah owner Pete Dziedzic in a statement. “Our Target Sessions concept is just like using your gym. You certainly continue to do regular full body workouts, but at times need a more targeted workout like an abdominal session, or ‘legs’ workout. Our concept is similar. The ‘Target Sessions’ menu items are perfect to address a single goal. A ‘Rewind’ facial before a weekend away, or a ‘Detox’ session after a week in Mexico are ideal.”

Available at all three Boston-area Skoah locations.