16 Meal Replacement Smoothies Recipes

Swap one of these healthy smoothies for any meal, and stay full for hours.

Next time you’re looking for a liquid meal, try one of these nutrient-packed, meal replacement smoothies recipes that will keep you feeling full and satisfied. Below, 16 delicious recipes to try this week.

1. Kale, Spinach, and Pear Smoothie Recipe

via Joy the Baker

Kale and spinach blend up perfectly together in a smoothie. This smoothie, packed with greens, fruits, and a dash of honey, will wake up your metabolism and keep you full for hours.

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2. Berry Spinach Smoothie

via Getting My Health On

This smoothie is full of berries—blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries. Helpful hint: blend the ice cubes into the mix after you mix all the ingredients together to thicken.

3. Energy-Boosting Smoothie

via The Dr. Oz Show

When you need a little extra energy in the morning, this smoothie is a perfect option. It has cocoa powder, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, banana, and cinnamon to wake you up and get you moving.

4. Creamy Avocado and Kale Smoothie

via My Modern Cookery

This vitamin rich drink is a nice pick me up after a sluggish day. It’s full of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

5. Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry Smoothie

via Being a Vessel

This is the perfect meal for any time of day. Add blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peanut butter, honey, and non-fat milk together for a tasty and sweet drink.

6. Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

via Incredible Smoothies 

For this smoothie, you can use either romaine lettuce or spinach for the greens. It’s packed with nutrients to keep you feeling full.

7. Overnight Smoothie

via Eli & Eve

If you don’t have time in the morning to whip together a breakfast or lunch, this smoothie can be made overnight for next day indulging. Add uncooked oatmeal and raw spinach for a little extra crunch.

8. Blackberry Blast Smoothie

via Ideal Shape

To get the most out of the blackberry blast meal smoothie, add unsweetened almond milk and four ice cubes for a thicker blend.

9. Meal Replacement Fruit Smoothie

via The Healthy Gamer

Make sure to use original Greek yogurt and unsweetened almond milk. If you don’t have flaxseeds, chia seeds are a great substitute.

10. Vegan Winter Smoothie Recipe

via Experience the Joy of Smoothies

This is perfect for dinner or a late night dessert. It’s a vegan smoothie that tastes and looks like a milkshake, but don’t worry, it’s way healthier and 100 percent guilt-free.

11. Healthy Fiber-Filled Smoothie

via Living the Lora Jane Philosophy

This smoothie is great to drink post-workout because it’s rich in fats, fiber, and protein. To top it off, add granola, toasted quinoa, or even fresh berries.

12. Avocado, Spinach, and Kiwi Smoothie

via Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin

This flavor-rich potassium punch recipe provides about 30 percent of the recommended daily intake without a single banana. The smoothie includes yogurt, avocado, kiwi, lime, and spinach.

13. Fruit and Seeds Smoothie

via ProtNic

This smoothie shake is great for lunch, and will provide you with ample keep your energy levels up and prevent you from grabbing that 3 p.m. cookie.

14. Blueberry Super Smoothie

via Grass Fed Girl

For those looking for a Paleo meal replacement smoothie, this one is worth trying. It has full-fat coconut milk, grass fed gelatin, ice, and if you want, add honey for a sweeter flavor.

15. Strawberry, Banana, Oatmeal Smoothie

via Love Grows Wild

This protein-packed smoothie is so sweet and satisfying, you’ll never know there’s a big handful of vitamin-rich spinach hidden inside.

16. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Smoothie Recipe

via A Sweat Pea Chef

This shake packs a protein punch with a scoop of chocolate whey protein (or use whatever protein powder you prefer) while the peanut butter and almond milk give it a rich and creamy texture.

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