Bill Belichick Is Not a Fan of Daylight-Saving Time

'I can't change the clock in my car.'

Bill Belichick is a football genius who can pick apart even the most intricate defensive scheme. But there’s one thing the Patriots’ coach can’t do: change the clock in his car. Football geniuses—they’re just like us.

WEEI tweeted out an old Belichick interview from 2009 in preparation for changing the clocks back an hour. Sure, we all got an extra hour of sleep this past weekend, but those 4 p.m. sunsets are going to make life a bit more difficult the next few months. As for Belichick, he may not be on time until next spring.

Dr. Douglas Kirsch, a neurologist in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) says that even though we got an extra hour of sleep, we should still be wary of how this time shift can affect the body and mind. Although he notes that the time change in the spring (losing an hour) can be more problematic, for some people, he says, any change in schedule can be disruptive to sleep.

Perhaps Massachusetts should just secede from Eastern Standard Time, anyway?

Kirsch suggests starting your bedtime routine at least 15 minutes before you want to go to sleep, and avoiding caffeine in the first few days after the time change. If those tips just won’t work for you, he does offer more tips on how to cope with the time change.  To hear the full Belichick interview from 2009 on why daylight-saving time is a total pain, see below: