31 Free Boston-Area Fitness Classes to Try Now

These workouts are tough on the body, but easy on the wallet.

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From left to right: Pursuit, Dare U Fitness, and Beantown Bootcamp. All photos provided to bostonmagazine.com

We all know that Bostonians are fit, but current drop-in class rates hitting $20 or higher can price out even the most loyal fitness enthusiast. We scoured the city and found 31 places that offer your first class free. Here’s our ultimate guide to free Boston-area fitness classes:


Beantown Bootcamp: Beantown Bootcamp holds outdoor classes all year long—even in our Polar Vortex-infused winters. If you’re brave enough to go this season, be sure to bundle up.

Regular rates: One month unlimited for $230; drop-in classes are $25.

Beantown Bootcamp, 90 Canal St., Boston; beantownbootcamp.com.

Dare U Fitness: This bootcamp is no-frills but effective. The classes take place in an elementary school gym, and three coaches are on hand for each class to ensure that each student is using proper form.

Regular rates: Four weeks for $139; eight weeks for $255; 12 weeks for $360.

Dare U Fitness, 50 Bunker Hill St., Charlestown; dareufitness.com.

Orange Theory Fitness: Orange Theory Fitness combines intense cardiovascular exercises with strength training for a full body workout. Class participants also wear heart monitors for a tangible look at how they’re doing.

Regular rates: Drop-in classes are $25; monthly memberships are available.

Orange Theory Fitness, 375 Market St., Brighton; orangetheoryfitness.com.


Boston Boxing & Fitness: If you want to try out this boxing gym, they offer free trial classes every Monday night. Once you’re a member, the class schedule offers options such as core, total body sculpting, and women-only boxing.

Regular rates: One month unlimited is $79; drop-in class is $15.

Boston Boxing & Fitness, 100 Holston St., Brighton; bostonboxing.com.

Peter Welch’s Gym: This is no-nonsense, old-school boxing at its best. The gym’s Fighter Conditioning Classes teach the basics of boxing while torching calories and building muscle.

Regular rates: $99 for a month unlimited; $25 for a drop-in class.

Peter Welch’s Gym, 371 Dorchester Ave., Boston; peterwelchsgym.com.

The Ring: A membership to this club, which promises to whip you into shape using a professional boxer’s training regimen, includes open ring time as well as a roster of more than 60 classes per week.

Regular rates: Membership is $79 per month.

The Ring Boxing Club, 971 Commonwealth Ave., Boston; ringboxingclub.com.


Avalon CrossFit: Avalon offers free trial classes for beginners throughout the week, but the box promises that if you can’t make it, you can schedule a free one-on-one session before your first workout to get ramped up.

Regular rates: Monthly membership is $257.

Avalon CrossFit, 545 Medford St., Charlestown; avaloncrossfit.com.

CrossFit Boston: In addition to master’s and group classes, CrossFit Boston offers kids and teens, mobility, and rowing-inspired classes at its Allston location.

Regular rates: Monthly unlimited membership is $237.

CrossFit Boston, 114 Western Ave., Allston; crossfitboston.com.

CrossFit Fenway: Promising small class sizes and old-school techniques, CrossFit Fenway is a no-frills box focused only on getting you in shape.

Regular rates: Monthly unlimited membership is $325.

CrossFit Fenway, 100 Brookline Ave., Boston; crossfitfenway.com.

CrossFit Newton: Bringing CrossFit to the ‘burbs, CrossFit Newton offers free introductory classes every Saturday at 9 a.m. to supplement its full menu of classes.

Regular rates: Monthly unlimited membership is $190; drop-in classes are $20.

CrossFit Newton, 166B Riverview Ave., Waltham; crossfitnewton.com.

CrossFit On the Hill: Worried about your instructor’s credentials? Rest assured, because CrossFit on the Hill puts each new coach through a 12-week internship program to get him or her up to speed.

Regular rates: Monthly membership is $209.

CrossFit On the Hill, 123 Terrace St., Boston; onthehillfitness.com.

CrossFit Southie: Southie’s box offers approximately 16 classes a day at varying levels of expertise, so you’ll never end up in over your head. Free trial classes are held Saturdays at noon and Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Regular rates: Unlimited monthly membership is $239; drop-in classes are $20.

CrossFit Southie, 385 Dorchester Ave., Boston; crossfitsouthie.com.

Forever CrossFit: With classes beginning at 5:30 a.m. every weekday, you’ll be able to squeeze in your workout at Forever CrossFit. Free trial classes run Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m.

Regular rates: Unlimited monthly membership is $199; drop-in class is $25.

Forever CrossFit, 191 Watertown St. Suite 2, Watertown; stayforevercrossfit.com.

Reebok CrossFit Back Bay: This Reebok-owned box has a wide range of classes, from Olympic-style weightlifting and gymnastics to mobility. It also has a competitive team for elite CrossFitters.

Regular rates: New members get three months for $199; regular monthly membership is $249.

Reebok CrossFit Back Bay, 31 Saint James St., Boston; reebokcrossfitbackbay.com.

Rugged CrossFit: Mixed with typical CrossFit classes, this box also offers sessions such as yoga and biomechanics 101 for cross training and education.

Regular rates: Unlimited monthly membership is $199.

Rugged CrossFit, 8 Rugg Road, Boston; ruggedcrossfit.com.


B/Spoke: This cycling studio stresses inner peace, but it’s also pretty darn high-tech. You can upload data from your performance-tracking bike to look at after class, and all students can opt to wear a heart rate monitor during class.

Regular rates: First month is $99; one month unlimited is $185; drop-in class is $27.

B/Spoke, 101 Federal St., Boston; bspokestudios.com.

Flywheel: If you haven’t heard of Flywheel by now, you’re probably living under a rock. The famous cycling studio was the first to offer stadium-style seating, and incorporates a weighted bar towards the end of class for a total body workout.

Regular rates: Monthly membership is $220; drop-in class is $28.

Flywheel, 800 Boylston St., Boston; flywheelsports.com.

Pursuit: One of many Spin studios that has popped up in recent years, Pursuit uses stadium-style seating and high-tech bikes with performance tracking abilities to make your class as advanced as possible.

Regular rates: Monthly unlimited membership is $195; drop-in class is $22.

Pursuit, 569 Boylston St., Boston; pursuitboston.com.

Vélo-City: With themed classes like Lil Wayne versus Nicki Minaj and “Break Up Beats: All My Single Ladies,” Vélo-City’s schedule adds a much-needed dose of fun to the sweaty, intense world of cycling.

Regular rates: One month unlimited for $130; drop-in class is $25.

Vélo-City, 43 Fairfield St., Boston; velo-citystudio.com.

Martial Arts

Boston Martial Arts Center: The Boston Martial Arts Center offers a variety of classes for all ages and experience levels of wanna-be ninjas, from self defense to beginning martial arts.

Regular rates: New members get one month unlimited for $99; regular monthly membership is $239.

Boston Martial Arts Center, 161 Harvard Ave. #4E, Boston; bostonmartialarts.com.

Broadway Jiu-Jitsu: Though obviously specializing in Jiu-Jitsu, a Brazilian combat sport meets self defense method, the gym also offers classes in judo, Muay Thai, and wrestling.

Regular rates: Monthly membership is $169.

Broadway Jiu-Jitsu, 36 W. Broadway, Boston; broadwayjiujitsu.com.

Calvin Chin’s Martial Arts Academy: Focusing on all forms of Chinese martial arts, Calvin Chin’s offers classes such as kung fu, tai chi, and even lion dance, a form of dance done wearing a traditional lion head mask.

Regular rates: Prices vary.

Calvin Chin’s Martial Arts Academy, 66 Winchester St., Newton Highlands; calvinchin.com.

Combat Sports Boston: Learn everything from Muay Thai to MMA at this gym, which has a partnership with Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs. Bonus: The website promises that women-only classes are coming soon.

Regular rates: Prices vary by length of membership.

Combat Sports Boston, 261 Friend St., Boston; combatsportsboston.com.

Davis Square Martial Arts: This gym specializes in adult kung fu and tai chi—a slow practice meant to improve the body’s energy levels, circulation, flexibility, and more. The studio also offers children’s classes.

Regular rates: Monthly membership is $105.

Davis Square Martial Arts, 408 Highland Ave., Somerville; davissquaremartialarts.com.

Gracie Barra Back Bay: In addition to its full schedule of jiu-jitsu classes, this gym also has circuit training, cardio kickboxing, and capoeira (a type of dance-like martial arts) classes.

Regular rates: Prices vary based on level and type of class.

Gracie Barra Back Bay, 957 Commonwealth Ave., Boston; graciebackbay.com.

Krav Maga Yashir Boston: Krav Maga, a combat system used by the Israeli Defense Forces, is not only a great workout, but a potentially life-saving protection technique. In addition to free trial classes, this gym also offers free women’s self defense courses every Saturday morning.

Regular rates: Monthly unlimited membership is $159.

Krav Maga Yashir Boston, 200 Terminal St., Charlestown; bostonkravmaga.com.

Shobu Aikido: Aikido, a non-competitive Japanese style of martial arts, is meant to teach and blend both offensive and defensive techniques using weapons like swords and short staffs. The program at Shobu Aikido is open to beginners and veterans alike.

Regular rates: Monthly membership is $125.

Shobu Aikido, 34 Allen St., Somerville; shobu.org.


Body in Motion: In addition to traditional Pilates classes, Body in Motion developed its own combination of ballet, Pilates, strength, and flexibility training called Barfusion.

Regular rates: First month is $99; one month unlimited is $225; drop-in class is $22.

Body in Motion, 180 Linden St., Wellesley; wellesleybodyinmotion.com.

Endurance Pilates & Yoga: Endurance offers multiple levels and varieties of Pilates as well as yoga and barre classes at its Arlington studio. Bonus: A Boston location is set to open in the South End on Jan. 1.

Regular rates: Monthly mat membership is $99; drop-in mat class is $20; other prices vary.

Endurance Pilates & Yoga, 446 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington; endurancepilatesandyoga.com.

Life in Synergy: Though not technically Pilates, the studio’s proprietary Syngeristics Fitness Method (SFM) will remind you of classic mat Pilates exercises. SFM uses tiny, uber-specific moves to target trouble spots like the inner thighs, obliques, hips, and triceps.

Regular rates: New students get a month unlimited for $100; monthly memberships are $159; drop-in classes are $20.

Life in Synergy, 867 Boylston St., Boston; lifeinsynergy.com.


Savin Hill Yoga: This studio offers all the yoga basics, from restorative to vinyasa, and something a bit more out there—a men-only nude yoga class on Monday nights, though you’ll have to pay to strip down even if it’s your first time.

Regular rates: Monthly membership is $90; drop-in class is $15.

Savin Hill Yoga, 11 Pearl St., Dorchester; savinhillyoga.com.


*Editor’s note: If your studio is not on the list and offers a first class free promotion, please leave your information in the comments. Thanks!