Endurance Pilates Is Moving to the South End

The new spot opens January 2 on Washington Street.

The exterior of the new studio.

The exterior of the new studio.

Endurance Pilates and Yoga has been occupying a beautiful top-floor space overlooking Arlington Center for the last five years. And while owner Julie Erickson loved the space, she knew she wanted to make a move when the lease ended. But with clients that live all over Greater Boston, she also didn’t want to alienate any of her faithful associates.

“More and more of my students were coming out to Arlington from jobs and residences in Boston, so it seemed like a good time to take a look at available spaces in [the city],” Erickson says. “In January 2014, with the impending end of the lease, I started to consider the move and gave myself a couple months to talk to my current students about the idea. The majority of my private clients are making the move with me.”

The new space is on Washington Street in the bustling South End, and it has two floors so Erickson can incorporate all of her certifications and expertise in one studio that will offer barre, yoga, Pilates mat and reformer, personal training, and more. “I started looking very seriously at spaces in October, and this was the second space that I looked at,” Erickson says. “I looked at several other spaces that just could not compare to the physical specs and the intimate feeling of the South End space. It has two separate floors, room for group mat, barre, and yoga classes, and a separate room for the Pilates equipment. From the second I walked into the space, I felt comfortable, and could imagine the placement of the Pilates apparatuses. I could see all of the ways I could make the space my own.”

Erickson says that the new studio is perfect for a boutique fitness studio because—in addition to it being a larger space than her current studio—there are also huge windows that let in a lot of light. “The mix of commercial and residential space in the South End and the overall creative feel is perfect for a boutique Pilates studio,” she says.

Erickson and her team are currently working on the new schedule, but she says that they will definitely be holding small group classes by appointment featuring barre, Pilates mat and reformer, and Vinyasa yoga. In addition, there will be specialty training programs for athletes, running coaching, and group runs. “We plan on offering early- and mid-morning classes, lunchtime express classes, and a full schedule of evening classes Monday through Thursday starting at 5:30 p.m., and of course, our weekends will be packed with classes,” she says.

Pricing is also still being worked out, but Erickson says that Pilates mat, barre, and yoga will be offered via class cards starting at 10 classes for $200 or as a monthly unlimited option for $119. The first class is free. For students, a mat (Pilates, barre, and yoga) monthly membership will start at $69 per month or a 10-class card for $150. As for reformer, Erickson is planning to offer a starting rate of five classes for $125 or single classes for $35. If you’ve ever taken reformer Pilates, you know that a 10 class card can run you $350, so that seems like a really great deal.

1636 Washington Street; 617-982-3205; endurancepilatesandyoga.com.

Below, some more images of the new space.