MiniLuxe Is Going National

The beloved Massachusetts-based nail chain secured millions in new funding.

Miniluxe 'Clean Lab' photo provided.

Miniluxe ‘Clean Lab’ photo provided.

Technology completely revolutionizes a variety of industries from computers to clothing to even makeup. But now, Massachusetts-based nail chain, MiniLuxe, wants its technology to revolutionize the nail industry—and they have the money to back it up.

TechCrunch is reporting that the company “has taken on $23 million in a new round of funding from a slew of outside investors to roll out its tech-enabled chain of beauty salons to locations nationwide.”

Here in Boston, you’ve most-likely heard of the super-hygienic nail shop. That’s because there are eight locations around Massachusetts including prime spots on Newbury Street, in Wellesley, and in Lexington. (Disclosure: I treat myself to a once-a-month mani/pedi at the Newbury Street location).

But besides the high-tech “Clean Lab” which cleanses all tools to a hospital-grade level of sterilization, and the stark white, no-jet, no-bacteria breeding tubs, MiniLuxe also uses a high-tech booking and tracking system to ensure that the correct number of technicians are on the schedule for the proper time of day and year. Even changes in the weather will prompt the system to customize the correct ratio of technicians to clients for the day.

Company Chairman, Tony Tjan, tells TechCrunch:

“We incubated it and began with one nail salon with the vision to ‘Starbucks’ the nail salon and bring some professionalized standards to the industry,” Tjan says.

Using techniques borrowed from the on-demand and new commerce markets pioneered by companies like Uber and Warby Parker, Tjan says he’s transforming the whole experience of how workers are employed, store space is occupied, and customers are treated. His goal? “To revolutionize the industry and empower the technician,” says Tjan.

The beauty of MiniLuxe is that you get a fast service, but in a more luxurious—and definitely cleaner—spa setting than your average quick nail shop. On Newbury Street, for example, a mani/pedi combo at any of the small nail shops will usually run you around $35. At MiniLuxe, that combo is closer to $50, which is a bit pricey. But, like many things in life, when it comes to nail salons, you get what you pay for.